Mongolian President Khaltmaagiin Battulga and a handful of his delegates were placed in a 14-day isolation period as a precautionary measure immediately after their return from China, according to media reports from the state of Mongolia. Mongolia borders China where coronavirus originated in late last year and killed nearly 3,000Continue Reading

In late December, the Chinese authorities sent out a public notice warning that “pneumonia of unknown cause” had been identified in Wuhan, central China. About 10 days later, on January 7, scientists announced that a new coronavirus was the source of the epidemic, quickly adding that it was not spreadingContinue Reading

UK airlines feel tight when demand drops The owner of British Airways’ International Airlines Group (IAG) has warned that profits have been affected by “weaker demand” due to the coronavirus. The airline group said it saw lower demand on Asian and European routes, as well as weaker business travel throughContinue Reading