Anthony Cross and the virtue of not changing the portfolio too much as an investment philosophy

We met (virtually) with Anthony Cross, manager of the Liontrust GF Special Situations Fund, to discuss changes in the portfolio of one of Liontrust’s flagship funds. But the truth is that the manager has little news to tell. “The truth is that the wallet has hardly moved, but because it has not needed to. No value has come out of the fund completely ”, he assures. More because of the fund’s philosophy than because Cross anticipated the COVID-19 crisis, the companies in this fund with FundsPeople 2020 Seal Due to their rating of Consistent, they do not belong to the sectors most impacted by the pandemic.

And it is that the philosophy of this British stock market fund is based on the commitment to companies with intangible assets that give them an economic advantage. An objective that the manager identifies through three focuses: intellectual property, a powerful distribution network or high recurring profits. It’s the secret recipe at the bottom, Cross says; betting on strong entry barriers and pricing power. Hence, the fund did not enter the COVID crisis with exposure to the most affected sectors. “Where they won’t find us is in businesses that have barely evolved. In physical retail, in leisure, construction, commerce, transport or in banking”, He assures.

Perhaps, he acknowledges, his privileged job during confinement in the Scottish countryside also helps. “Here I look out the window and see trees that are hundreds of years old. I look at centuries-old mountains, lands that millions of years ago were connected to the United States, ”he says. “It’s a matter of put things in perspective”, He defends.

Impact of Brexit

It is an optimistic position considering the current context of health and economic crisis at a global level. For Cross, it’s more of experience. “Julian Fosh (co-manager) and I have been in the management industry for decades. We have already lived through difficult times before: the financial crisis, the technological boom and its subsequent puncture… ”, he comments. And the fund, being British equities, also faces the cloud of uncertainty posed by the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.

Brexit is undoubtedly affecting the British market, acknowledges the manager. Because it is undermining consumer and business sentiment in the UK and that puts downward pressure on the pound. But Cross also feels that Europeans are too emotional about Brexit. “Most think the British are completely insane. The message they convey is one of great concern. Of too much, in my opinion, ”he says.

“Once politicians get out of the way, business can take over. And I am quite optimistic with the ability of companies to deal with a crisis, seeing how they have managed during this pandemic, “he argues. “Companies will go ahead and make it work.”


Beauty of the Day: “Young in a Storm” by Kusakabe Kimbei

“Young a storm”, by Kusakabe Kimbei

Photographs of a floating world and also of the other, the one that is increasingly closer to the earthly. The work of the Japanese Kusakabe Kimbei (1841–1934) lived with two eras, before and after the rise of the Empire of the Rising Sun.

On the one hand, in many of his captures that spirit of the ukiyo, that urban and hedonistic lifestyle that seems to have perpetuated an image of Japan from the shogunate far beyond Edo period (1603-1868). On the other, he carried out a series of works of peasants and workers of the city, of street markets, of transporters of rickshaw, as well as Buddhist temples and religious processions as well as the highly valued first half-naked.

During the periodo Meiji (1868 – 1912), that of the “cult of the rules”, Japan is unified and commercial relations with Western nations begin, for which there is both a technological and economic advance, and a reordering of social castes, taking as model to Prussia, among other changes. In 1867, the country participated for the first time in a universal exhibition, in Paris, so the products of its culture began to be incorporated by collectors from France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and the United States, especially.

By the mid-1970s, artists like Félix Bracquemont Y Claude Monet, and the writers Edmon Y Jules Goncourt they showed admiration and acquired original works and writings. Too Vincent van Gogh with his brother Follow gathered more than 400 engravings, which today are in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Returning to Kimbei. In the photographic it became the eyes of that floating world that was fading, that disappeared in the contrasts of the change of era. His photos of samurai in the Yokohama studio have that trail of what is dying out, but struggling to stay. The same happens with the geishas, ​​whom he documented posing as in their workplaces, although in the second case, from a distance, some on the balconies at some point of distraction, and others behind the bamboo bars that separated them from the outside world.

It is that the photographer, just as he lived in that change of time, also cohabited between two different types of clients. On the one hand, the locals, who were looking for recreations, as is the case of Young man in a storm and on the other the foreigners increasingly interested in the fashion of the Japonismo, who were the ones who most requested his services.

As in other parts of the world, photography came to Japan due to immigrants and Kimbei had two teachers who were pioneers in bringing the island closer to the world: Felice Beato, the Italian-Briton who was one of the first to capture images in the East – and the father of war photography – and the Austrian Baron Raimund von Stillfried, founder of the Japan Photographic Association.

Kimbei not only worked in his studies, but he even inherited the archive of Von Stillfried – which in turn had bought that of Beato – when the Austrian left the country for good in 1881, so there are many images that are difficult to attribution with respect to who performed them. To add even more confusion, he also got negatives from two local pioneers: Ueno Hikoma, considered to be the first professional photographer in Japan, and those of Uchida Kuichi, Hikoma’s apprentice, and the only photographer to be granted a session to photograph Emperor Meiji.

Throughout his career, Kimbei was also a notable colorist of his teachers, a trade that he carried out both for his works and for those negatives that he acquired once he became independent in 1881. Today, his works are in different museums around the world, in Germany to the United States, although the most coveted of his entire legacy – in addition to the fine prints of women in intimate situations – are his accordion albums, with photographs mounted on both sides.

So Kimbei is an essential part of the history of Japanese photography in a double sense. On the one hand, by his own eye, in which he ventured to break with the predominant aesthetic molds of what was expected of Japan, revealing the change of time, and, on the other hand, because as a protector of the history of the image , safeguarded and eternalized the work of his predecessors.

He retired from photography in the early 10’s, right at the beginning of the Taishō period (1912-1926), marked by social conflicts, the entrance to the Great War and internal militarization. Maybe for Kusakabe Kimbei It was too much, since from that floating world there were only pictures that were waiting to be colored with the romantic look of what will never be again.


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From the boom to thinking about lowering the blind

To close. Do not close. Close … The hotels in Gipuzkoa are defoliating a new daisy almost every week without knowing what will determine that last petal with which they remain in the hand. It is not that they are casting lots, but that The uncertainty in the short term is such that making decisions within fifteen days in these times is audacious and it also borders on wasting time.

The Gipuzkoan hotel sector has been accounting for practically all of 2020. First, to mentalize the losses that those 15 days of unexpected closure were going to entail, which ended up being four months. And now, before the onslaught of a new tsunami, to see which decision is the most pertinent to survive: continue with the establishment open, close until the situation improves, or an intermediate format, in which the blind is drawn on off days during the week and attempts to regain the rhythm from Friday to Sunday.

Elena Estomba, president of Hotels in Gipuzkoa and director of the London hotel and Villa Favorita, predicts that at the end of the month many hoteliers will make decisions along these lines. «In summer we saw that people wanted to move. But in September we hit an impressive slap and the forecasts for the end of the year are complicated. Now I see much more feasible than a month ago the temporary closure of hotels, without a clear reopening date, “he acknowledges.

In the last five years in Donostia, 46 establishments between guesthouses and hotels have been inaugurated
the data

“Now I see more feasible than a month ago the temporary closure of hotels without a clear opening date”
Elena Estomba | Favorite Villa and London Hotel

«There are few events and they do not attract public from outside. The question we ask ourselves is how much longer are we going to be able to hold out?
Fran González | Hotel Codina

While until a few months ago the objective was not to stop, in the Gipuzkoan capital decisions that go in the opposite direction are beginning to be heard, although official closing communications, according to it, there are few. The Villa Soro hotel, which has been closed since summer and the San Sebastián hotel, which has recently closed, is joined by Villa Favorita, which opened in mid-July and has opted to open exclusively at the weekend. “As there are many services that are transversal to the London hotel, we can maintain this formula. A closed, unused hotel ages a lot and very quickly, and starting it up from scratch costs a lot, “he acknowledges.

In the specific case of Donostia, the situation generated by the health crisis is also added to the particularity of being a city that, according to Eustat data, has opened 46 establishments, including pensions and hotels, in the last five years. So they must deal with a considerable increase in supply and almost non-existent demand.

The current occupancy for November and December is 4 and 3%, in the case of Villa Favorita, and somewhat more advantageous in the case of London, which has 13 and 10% of its seats occupied for the next two months. “January I don’t even think about it and the Christmas campaign will depend on how everything evolves,” he laments.

The occupancy rates for next month in the case of the Astoria 7 hotel, one of the largest accommodations in the city, which exceeds one hundred rooms, “7%, and 2% in December.” And despite the fact that both reservations and cancellations occur “more at the last minute than ever”, everything indicates that good times are not coming. The manager of this accommodation, Fernando Soto has already assumed that “the losses are going to be enormous” and every week it is reconsidered whether the hotel is more compensated to remain open or not. «Right now we lose more being closed, although the occupation is almost nil, but every week I monitor the data to establish if at some point I have to change the scene, “he confesses.

Estomba and Soto agree that one of their objectives is try to damage the templates as little as possible, but given the uncertainty and the ever-changing panorama, they do not allow medium-term plans to be made, and for that reason, the Astoria 7 director considers that labor, fiscal and financial measures by the administrations “are more necessary than ever” In this sector.

“Every week I monitor the data in case at some point we have to change the scene and close”
ernando Soto | Hotel Astoria 7

“The opportunity arose to accommodate people who do not have space to isolate themselves at home, and since there are no tourists, we accept”
Carlos Odriozola | Hotel Sanctuary of Arantzazu

Fran González, director of the Codina hotel, has also taken October to reconsider, and once the month is over, we will “make a decision.”

The spike in contagion and perimeter closures “only create more uncertainty”, and if the few events, whether sports or cultural, hardly attract public from outside and many are streamed to hotels is of little use to us ». “The question we all ask ourselves is how long are we going to be able to hold out?”

Hotel social

The pandemic has led to the reconversion of many companies and the Hotel Santuario de Arantzazu, which Carlos Odriozola runs in Oñati is one of them. The summer prospects were poor and “we had the opportunity to participate in an Osakidetza program to house people who do not have the option of doing preventive isolation at home, and we accepted.”

Currently, It has 8 people, but at the beginning of the month the occupation of its 45 rooms was 100%. You only receive covid positives that are asymptomatic or close contacts. “The moment they present symptoms, they are referred to a hospital,” he says.

The Basque Department of Health is at the expense and guests cannot leave the room. Odriozola explored this route with the intention of recovering tourist activity in October, “but seeing how things are, I think it will take a long time.”


“The Thursday Crime Club”, the UK publishing phenomenon

  • British television presenter Richard Osman’s first novel is in its fourth edition in Spain

  • Steven Spielberg’s production company has bought the rights to take it to the movies

Some UK booksellers say they haven’t seen anything like this since JK Rowling published the first book in the Harry Potter saga 23 years ago. The Thursday Crime Club, the first novel by the British comedian and television host, Richard Osman, has become the publishing phenomenon of the moment in the UK.

“Don’t underestimate the talent of a group of grandparents” is the subtitle of a play starring Joyce, Ibrahim, Ron and Elizabeth, four retirees who come together to recover unsolved cases, thus honoring their beloved Agatha Christie. It is a humorous crime novel that “celebrates friendship” and “highlights the capabilities of older people.”

It started selling 45,000 copies in three days and 250,000 in less than a month. It has even managed to unseat on the list of the most purchased in the The Sunday Times to the new book Rowling, Troubled Blood, although Osman has joked on his Twitter account for not being able to launch My life in red and white, the long-awaited post from former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

The author, Richard Osman, Photo: @Penguin Books UKPenguin Books, UK

In Spain The Thursday Crime Club (published by the Espasa publishing house and translated by Claudia Conde) is in its fourth edition. Steven Spielberg’s production company has bought the rights to take it to the cinema and Osman has already revealed that there will be a second part.

At 49 years old, television continues to hijack a good part of his time, but he confesses that he dreams of writing novels for the rest of his life. At this time presents House of Games, a BBC contest that puts the culture of famous personalities in the UK to the test. Between program and program, he has spent a while …

What do you think is the secret of the success of your book?

I think it’s a combination of things. I think we all like to laugh, we all like to vent crying and also solve a crime. Sounds like a perfect weekend!

Can you imagine a sequel to your book in Spain? Club members flying to the Costa del Sol (Coast of Crime, as it is jokingly called in the UK) to help out there …

It’s a great idea! I can imagine them enjoying the sun, chasing criminals and drinking a lot of Rioja. I will have to fly there to document myself. A month in a nice villa by the sea, perhaps?

How do you feel about Brexit?

I think it is sad that we have chosen to turn our back on Europe. However, I hope we find a way to stay close. The British love Spain and the Spanish and I hope nothing changes this. Please remember how much we love you!

What do you think of your Prime Minister Boris Johnson?

Al menos no es Donald Trump.

What are your best memories of Spain?

My very happy holidays on the Costa Brava when I was a child. And very happy trips as an adult to Granada, Seville and Barcelona. But if there is something I cannot forget, it is when Atlético de Madrid beat my team – Fulham – in the final of the Europa League from 2010. I’m still not over it.

Given our dark times, is it especially difficult for you to be a comedian?

Comedy is so important right now! We all need to laugh and see how absurd the world is. There are so many boring people yelling their opinions and there are so many bad people trying to divide us. The rest of us should sit around a campfire and tell jokes from time to time.

How has confinement been for you? Is this book the fruit of him?

I finished the book just before the restrictions started, but I have been writing the sequel during lockdown. It’s kept me sane spending time with these characters that I love and sending them off on another adventure. I am so glad that this book has brought so much joy to people in this difficult year.


The irrelevant letter from 43 US lawmakers to Trump

Since Tuesday of last week, a letter was widely disseminated through social networks and the Mexican media that that same day 43 US federal legislators sent to President Donald Trump, both from the Republican and Democratic Parties “to call his attention to the actions of the Government of Mexico that threaten investment and market access of US energy companies and undermine the spirit of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA or T-MEC in Mexico) ”.

In their letter, the legislators explain that “Mexico is the largest export market for petroleum products in the US and is a growing market for natural gas exports (…) US exports of refined products to Mexico have tripled in the last decade”.

They also point out that “the Mexican government is granting a regulatory preference to Pemex and postponing or totally canceling the permits for US energy companies. These anecdotal experiences have gained greater credibility due to a leaked memorandum from the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, ordering Mexican authorities to use all available resources within the regulatory framework to protect Pemex and the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) ”.

Finally, they state that: “These efforts violate and contradict the spirit, if not the letter, of the T-MEC (…) these actions show a pattern of obstruction and we urge you to find a resolution with the Government of Mexico to maintain the conditions current energy market ”.

Six Republican senators sign the letter: two from Louisiana, two from Oklahoma and two from Texas.

Also 27 Republican representatives: 13 from Texas, two from California, two from Oklahoma, two from Louisiana, and one from each of the following states: Arizona, Arkansas, South Carolina, North Dakota, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia; and 10 Democratic representatives: seven from Texas, two from California and one from New Mexico.

The message was not endorsed by the majority of the legislators. The 43 signatories represent only 8% of the US Congress; the six senators to 6% of the Senate and 11% of the Republican senators. As far as the representatives are concerned, the 37 are barely 8.5% of the members of its legislative chamber; the 27 Republicans are 14% of his fraction and the 10 Democrats, 4% of his.

Most of the 43 were elected in oil and gas producing states, and in this election year they must show their constituencies that they are protecting their interests.

Although the letter was sent to Trump by a minority of legislators, in Mexico those who oppose President Andrés Manuel López Obrador promoted its dissemination. And they did very well, because many referred to it as a sign of the concern of the entire US Congress regarding the protectionist policies of the Q4 government.

I do not agree with Andrés Manuel’s energy policies, but neither with the fact that an irrelevant letter signed by so few legislators and sent for electoral purposes is given more importance than it deserves.

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Journalist and producer

Guest column

Opinioner, columnist, lecturer, media trainer, 35 years of experience in the media, micro-entrepreneur.

Gas Generator Market 2020 Recent Research Report, Business Analysis and Forecast 2026 Research Analysis

The Gas Generator Market Report offers a detailed analysis of Global Market Size, Regional and National Market Size, Segmentation Market Growth, Market Share, Competitive Landscape, Sales Analysis, The Impact of Players. domestic and global market, value chain optimization, trade regulations, recent developments, opportunity analysis, strategic market growth analysis, product launches, expanding market area and technological innovations.

Market segmentation

Gas generator market is divided by types and applications. For the period 2015-2025, the growth between the segments provides exact calculations and forecasts for sales by type and by application in terms of volume and value. This analysis can help you expand your business by targeting qualified niche markets.

By type

20 KW and 100 KW

101 KW and 500 KW

501 KW and 1 MW

1 MW and 2 MW

2 MW and 5 MW


by Application

Chemical industry

breeding industry

Oil and gas

Mining industry


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Regions and Countries level analysis

The regional analysis is another very broad part of the worldwide Gas Generator market research and analysis study featured in the report. This section sheds light on the sales growth of the different Gas Generator markets at the national and regional level. For the historical period and the forecasts 2015-2025, it provides detailed information and analysis of the volume of countries between precise and analysis of market size by areas of the worldwide Gas Generator market.

The report offers an in-depth assessment of the growth and other aspects of the Gas Generator market in significant countries (regions) including:
?? North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
?? Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia and Italy)
?? Asia and the Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, and Southeast Asia)
?? South America (Brazil, Argentina, etc.)
?? Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)

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Competitive Landscape and Market Share Analysis Gas Generator
Gas generator competitive landscape provides details by sellers, including company description, company total revenue (financial), market potential, global presence, sales and revenue generated Gas generator, market share, price , production centers and facilities, SWOT analysis, product launch. For the period 2015-2020, this study provides the Gas Generator sales, revenue, and market share for each player that this report covers.

The main players covered in Gas Generator are:

Zibo Diesel Engine

Among other domestic and global players, Gas Generator market share data is available for the Global, North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa, and South America separately. Researcher understands competitive strengths and provides competitive analysis for each competitor separately.

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Table of Contents

1 Market overview
1.1 Introduction Gas generator
1.4 Overview of the Global Gas Generator Market
1.4.1 Global Gas Generator Market Status and Outlook (2015-2025)
1.4.2 North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
1.4.3 Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia and Italy)
1.4.4 Asia and the Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, and Southeast Asia)
1.4.5 South America, the Middle East and Africa
1.5 Market Dynamics
1.5.1 Market Opportunities
1.5.2 Market Risk
1.5.3 Market driving force

3 sales, revenue and market share by Manufacturer
3.1 Global Gas Generator Sales and Market Share by Manufacturer (2018-2019)
3.2 Global Gas Generator Revenue and Market Share by Manufacturer (2018-2019)
3.3 Market Price of Concentration
3.3.1 Top 3 Gas Generator Market Manufacturer Share in 2019
3.3.2 Top 6 Gas Generator Market Manufacturer Share in 2019
3.4 Market trend competition

4 Analysis of the World Market by Regions
4.1 Global Gas Generator Sales, Revenues and Market Share by Regions
4.1.1 Global Gas Generator Sales and Market Share by Regions (2015-2020)
4.1.2 Global Gas Generator Revenue and Market Share by Regions (2015-2020)
4.2 North America Generator gas sales and growth rate (2015-2020)
4.3 Europe Gas generator sales and growth rate (2015-2020)
4.4 Asia and the Pacific Generator gas sales and growth rate (2015-2020)
4.5 South America Gas generator sales and growth rate (2015-2020)
4.6 Middle East and Africa Gas generator sales and growth rate (2015-2020)

12 Market Forecast
12.1 Global Gas Generator sales, revenue and growth rate (2021-2025)
12.2 Gas generator market forecasts by region (2021-2025)
12.2.1 North America Gas Generator Market Forecast (2021-2025)
12.2.2 Europe Gas Generator Market Forecast (2021-2025)
12.2.3 Asia and the Pacific Gas Generator Market Forecast (2021-2025)
12.2.4 South America Gas Generator Market Forecast (2021-2025)
12.2.5 Middle East and Africa Gas Generator Market Forecast (2021-2025)
12.3 Gas Generator Market Forecast by Type (2021-2025)
12.3.1 Global Gas generator Sales forecast by type (2021-2025)
12.3.2 Global Gas Generator Market Share Forecast by type (2021-2025)
12.4 Gas Generator Market Forecast by application (2021-2025)
12.4.1 Global Gas generator Sales forecast by application (2021-2025)
12.4.2 Global Gas Generator Market Share Application Forecast (2021-2025


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Weather in Córdoba: weather forecast for this Monday


For the center of the country, they anticipate that the week will start with stable weather and wind from the southern sector.

In Córdoba, they foresee for this Monday that the week will start with stable weather and wind from the southern sector. Mostly sunny day, with a moderate increase in temperature.

For the day on Tuesday 27, stable weather conditions will be maintained, with north wind and a rise in temperature. No rain. Warm atmosphere in the afternoon.

Source: Infoclima

British duo shows a Brexit operetta in the castle

Reinbek. Living and working together – can that go well? It can. Proof is the award-winning British music comedy duo Carrington-Brown. Rebecca Carrington says: “Our personalities complement each other completely, both on stage and in real life.” She and her husband Colin Brown share the same kind of humor: funny, anarchic, with absurd slapstick elements and fun playing with language. “We love facial expressions and different axes of action,” says the artist. The duo will perform the first and smallest Brexit operetta on Thursday, November 5th, in Reinbek Castle. So that more visitors have the opportunity to experience the virtuoso-musical comedy entitled “Turnadot”, there will be two performances on this evening at 7 and 9 pm.

The third member is Joe, a cello with personality

Strictly speaking, Rebecca Carrington and Colin Brown are not two on stage, but three. Because Carrington’s Cello Joe has developed its own personality as an integral part of all stage programs.

Joe was made in 1781 by Joseph Hill, who came from a well-known English family of violin makers. Carrington even commissioned one of her two bows from a direct descendant of Hills. She inherited the cello from her grandmother. She was a successful cellist and could hardly have dreamed of what her granddaughter would later do with her instrument. And that’s worth seeing and hearing: In “Turnadot” she elicits sounds like that of an Indian stringed instrument or she holds the cello like a guitar and plays it that way.

Political actors sneak into the action on the stage

What is “Turnadot” about and what does the turbulent story have to do with Puccini’s opera “Turandot”? Carrington and Brown play two members of the fictional “Royal Imperial Victorian Opera Company”. They were the only ones in the ensemble who managed to reach mainland Europe just before Brexit. But with that, the duo have a huge task ahead of them: Left to their own devices, the two Puccini’s work has to be performed somehow. But the characters in the opera seem somehow obsessed with the spirit of important political actors. How else can it be explained that the yapping of Turnadot’s dog is reminiscent of a former British minister? No wonder, then, that not everything goes according to plan, but that some things start to get out of hand to the amusement of the audience. “Of course we also joke about Vanessa May, Boris Johnson and David Cameron,” promises Carrington. However, they do not appear under their correct, but similar names. For example, “Tamina Hay” stands for the ex-prime minister.

The couple themselves voted against Brexit, “no question about it”, but also took precautions in good time: “We have had German citizenship since 2019.” In a radio interview, she was once asked why she chose such a bad topic for her program. A friend who usually likes to come to her performances canceled the Brexit operetta. Reason: The topic is too sad for her. Rebecca Carrington cannot understand either. “Laughing at a difficult subject can be like good therapy,” she says.

Rebecca Carrington tried her Comey in US clubs

It was not foreseeable for a long time that her professional career would go in the direction of comedy. Because she had all the prerequisites for a straight-line career as a classical cellist. But the paths off the beaten track seemed at least as interesting to her. She played with renowned orchestras such as the London Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Then, in turn, she took part in the film music recordings of “The Lord of the Rings”, “Harry Potter” and “Hannibal”, and was on stage with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Paul McCartney, Randy Newman and David Byrne.

She discovered her comedic talent more by chance, trying it out on stand-up stages in the USA. There are many musical talents in her family: Carrington’s father Simon Carrington is a conductor, baritone and double bass player and is one of the founding members of the internationally renowned vocal ensemble The King’s Singers, her brother is the singer-songwriter James Carrington.

Colin Brown was on a world tour with Robbie Williams

Carrington’s husband Colin Brown has made a name for himself as a singer (bass) and actor. He was on tour with stars like Robbie Williams, Tom Jones, Lisa Stansfield and Michael Ball and sang in the a cappella group “The Magnets”. As an actor, he has appeared in well-known theater productions, films and television. The versatility of the artists is also evident in their linguistic talent: they play their programs in English, German and French.

Carrington says: “It was always my goal to play in front of a classical music audience.” If the duo meets the humor of the audience in Reinbek, nothing can go wrong.


Juan Carlos Hidalgo: “It is going to generate a lot of uncertainty in the economy and in investors”

In the expert’s opinion, the constitutional process will have an effect on the perspectives of economic actors until everything is clarified.

In the opinion of the international analyst, Juan Carlos Hidalgo, the constitutional process will have a direct effect on foreign investment in the country.

“Without a doubt. What Chile approved at this time is the decision to write a blank check. Of course, that is going to generate a lot of uncertainty in the market, it will generate a lot of uncertainty in the economy and in foreign investors about what will be the nature of that blank check that, at this moment, is on the board, “says the expert, who has a master’s degree in International Trade and Public Policy from George Mason University.

Hidalgo emphasizes that the process has several instances before, eventually, having a new Constitution. “There are still several more stages where the Chilean people have the possibility of putting a brake on any populist or statist impulse. So, it is not like Brexit. But, without a doubt, economic actors are going to be very suspicious about the situation and prospects for the Chilean economy until everything is clarified, what will be the nature of the document that will come out of this constitutional process, “he says.

Can this whole process be an example for the region? “I would not like to say that. It has been a birth bathed in violence, in coercion. Obviously, the Chileans made a democratic decision, where a free will was expressed to determine what kind of social contract the country has, but it seems to me that the decision From the beginning, it was marked by violence. Even Chilean society actors said that if a Constituent Assembly was not approved, there would be more violence. That is not an ideal setting for this type of discussion, “he says.

The expert acknowledges that the Chilean Constitution has a legitimacy problem. “We cannot deny it; it was drawn up in a dictatorship. Likewise, Japan’s constitution was imposed by an empire that defeated that country in a war, but that does not explain the success or failure of nations. In fact, Chile has It has been the most successful country in Latin America in the last 40 years. Yes, it is not a perfect country, it has many things to correct, but it is the country that has had the most economic success in the region, “he says.

Regarding the outcome of the process, which could end in a new constitution, he highlights: “In 10 to 15 years we are going to see if that document improved the quality of life of Chileans or contributed to their deterioration. It is too early to determine at this time. “




Storm with strong winds caused multiple problems – El Ancasti

A storm accompanied by a strong south wind with gusts exceeding 73 km / h mainly in the Capital caused numerous problems with the electric power service and the fall of poles, trees, in addition to damage to precarious homes in the settlements located in the south and north ends of the city. Although there was no rainfall in the capital, in the interior there were intense rains with a fall of hail in several locations such as Icao, La Puerta, Pacln and others.

The intense rains began to register in the interior of the province after noon in El Alto, La Paz, Santa Rosa, Ambato, Valle Viejo, Fray Mamerto Esqui, Pacln and other locations. In some there was a strong fall of hail accompanied by gusts of wind that caused the sheet metal roofs of some houses under construction in La Puerta, Ambato, to be blasting. In El Rodeo there was also a fall of hail and heavy rains.

While in the Capital there was no rainfall but in the midst of an overwhelming day for the more than 36 that were registered yesterday, during the siesta the gusts of south wind began that, according to data from the CAPE Meteorological Station, reached its peak. Maximum at 7.30pm, when the gusts reached 73.8 km / h.

This caused the fall of trees, poles and power lines, and also the usual problems for families living in precarious conditions on the edge of the city. One of the most affected neighborhoods was the Loteo Parque Sur where there were blasting of nylon roofs, sheet metal and pallets. Last week they had also been damaged by heavy rains.
For its part, Civil Defense worked to clear a tree that fell on a car in the San Marcos neighborhood, east of the Capital, causing material damage.

Even police personnel also had to carry out preventive cuts in traffic yesterday afternoon in areas where power lines were left in the middle of the street. One of them occurred in Mate de Luna y Avellaneda y Tula streets.

From the company Energa Catamarca SAPEM they explained that the problems were mainly the strong wind that generated numerous particular inconveniences. Until the closing of this edition they were working to solve the damages caused. Edgardo Salas, interior coordinator of the company, explained that although there were no major problems at a general level, they did receive private complaints from neighbors in Capital and the interior, so the operators worked hard to solve the problems and it was necessary to remove service some lines due to the danger of fallen cables in the street.

For today the Meteorological Service anticipated that it would follow the heat with a minimum of 17 and a maximum of 32.