Three reasons to buy Electronics Arts after the results

Electronic Arts Sneaks Among Ballard’s Featured Stocks To Invest For three key points that accompany excellent results of the first quarter presented by the video game firm known for titles like FIFA.

The firm posted record revenue, reserves and operating cash flow for fiscal 2021.

EA generates a large amount of Free cash flow which is giving back to shareholders in dividends. The stock currently offers a Small 0.48% dividend yield based on a quarterly payment of $ 0.17 per share.

The share price has risen 20% following the data presented, but remains behind the general market, where the SP500 has risen 44% in the same period.

Nonetheless, management expects to achieve another record year for fiscal 2022 with significant catalysts. EA offers a cheaper valuation than its peers, which could offer superior returns.

But what are those three reasons What should we consider?

Momento: Madden NFL (football) had its biggest year of participation in history. In the quarter ending in March, in-game spending on Ultimate Team’s live services, including perennial Madden and FIFA franchises, grew 30% year-over-year.

During the presentation of results, the CEO Andrew Wilson He spoke about the momentum at EA Sports: “We continue to see sports consumption go from linear to interactive, which represents a huge growth opportunity for us that spans more sports and more platforms, especially mobile.”

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It will also expand its sports line with EA Sports PGA Tour, which is expected for the fourth fiscal quarter of next year. Without forgetting the acquisition of new franchises after the acquisitions of Glu Mobile, Codemaster y MetalHead Software. Excited about MLB Tap Sports Baseball and F1 2021 from Glu Mobile and Codemaster respectively.

Esports growth: Apex Legends has become one of the most watched games on live game streaming platforms. The game originally launched two years ago and has reached $ 1 billion in pre-orders to date.

Apex generated $ 600 million in reserves in fiscal 2021, but the administration continues to experience growth around the world. “We are also seeing explosive growth for Apex in Asia, specially in Japan, where it has grown significantly in the last three quarters, “said Wilson.

This fall, EA will release the next installment in the series Battlefield on Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. It also plans to launch a new mobile title in the Battlefield franchise later in 2022. Wilson said that “our strategy is to grow Battlefield as we have done with our other highly successful franchises like FIFA. and Apex “.

Firm growth offers good shareholder value

“Our two major shooter franchises, Apex Legends and Battlefield, and our continued strength in Ultimate Team provide a tremendous foundation for growth in fiscal 2022,” CFO Blake Jorgensen said during the call.

After posting a 15% increase in bookings in fiscal 2021, the company estimates that reserves grow another 17.9% in fiscal year 2022. This optimistic outlook is partly driven by acquisitions, but it also means organic growth in the core business.

In fact, there could be an advantage to this forecast, as management admitted that it could be too conservative in modeling Battlefield sales.

Analysts expect the firm Increase earnings per share by 14% compounded annually for the next five years. That makes the forward price-to-earnings (P / E) ratio of 22 look attractive relative to other video game stocks, especially Activision Blizzard y Take-Two Interactive.

EA has a lot of momentum in its largest franchises, with promising growth opportunities in mobile games, esports and subscription services. The stock has nearly doubled in value in the past five years, and there is a good chance it will outperform again.

Apple’s App Store chief begins defense of iPhone maker in Epic Games trial

Apple Inc (AAPL. O) on Monday he began his formal defense in an antitrust suit brought by the creator of the online game “Fortnite” Epic Games, calling his app store boss Phil Schiller to the stand.

Schiller, who has spent three decades at the iPhone maker, is expected to spend more than 10 hours on the witness stand in federal court in Oakland, California, refuting Epic’s allegations that Apple has a monopoly on mobile developers. that he abuses by requiring them to use his in-app payment system and pay commissions.

In the past two weeks, Epic executives and expert witnesses argued that Apple has such a strong lock on customers that the world’s more than 1 billion iPhone owners constitute their own separate market over which Apple exercises tight control. Apple and its experts have framed it differently, arguing that Epic’s complaints are related to video game transactions, a market where Apple charges a commission similar to Microsoft Corp’s. (MSFT. O) Xbox and Sony Group Corp Plays (6758.T). Read more

But as the trial enters its final week, Schiller is shifting to the second layer of Apple’s defense: That the controls it imposes on developers are necessary to make the iPhone more private and secure, which in turn has built consumer trust and expanded the mobile application market.

Legal experts say that’s important because even if Judge Yvonne González Rogers finds that some of Apple’s rules have anti-competitive effects, she could rule that those effects are outweighed by benefits to consumers in general.

On the stand Monday, Schiller testified that the iPhone originally did not come with any third-party apps because Apple executives felt they didn’t have time to create a secure system for third-party developers to write them. But once the phone went on sale, developers soon began jailbreaking devices to put software on them, and Apple was quick to create a formal system, which later became the App Store, for third-party software. .

“We were very concerned that this could create unreliable and unstable devices,” Schiller said of the jailbreak phenomenon.

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Apple stores data on Chinese servers and censors apps, according to NYT

Apple has been increasingly bending to the demands of China as the country has gained greater weight in its supply chain, which began to build in the nation 2 decades ago, according a report of The New York Times.

The newspaper has spoken with 17 current and former Apple employees, who have provided details on how the company has acceded to China’s demands.

According to those sources, the CEO of the company, Tim Cook, gave the green light to the use of servers run by Chinese state-owned companies to store customer data. The article points out that China would not have accepted the use of Apple’s encryption technology that it normally applies in its centers, so the apple company agreed to abandon it.

This decision made it easier for authorities to divert confidential information from millions of Chinese citizens such as emails, photos and locations., explain security experts to the medium. Such sensitive information sharing is illegal under US law, he says. the NOW.

The tech giant has also complied with the Communist Party’s demands for censor some 55,000 applications from its App Store since 2017 that the authorities considered detrimental to the government’s values, the sources reveal to the newspaper.

Where does Apple’s revenue come from?

Apple employees were tasked with flagging apps that company management thought the Chinese government would not like, according to the report. Topics on those apps included the Dalai Lama and Taiwan independence, plus some apps related to same-sex dating or foreign news organizations, which also disappeared from the store.

A critic of the Communist Party, Guo Wengui, was also a banned topic on Apple’s Chinese App Store, according to internal communications seen by The New York Times. A reviewer for the apple company who approved an app associated with him was fired following complaints from Chinese officials. Apple justified the departure due to poor job performance.

When asked for this information, a company representative pointed out to Business Insider the tweet from Nicas, one of the journalists who signs the information, with the full statement that the company sent to the newspaper.

Apple’s statement notes that it follows Chinese laws and “has never understood the safety of users or their data in China or anywhere we operate.” In addition, he also told the outlet that he only removed applications from his Chinese store to comply with the laws of that country.

“These decisions are not always easy and we may not agree with the laws that shape them,” Apple said in the statement, “but our priority remains to create the best user experience without violating the rules that we are obliged to follow. “.

China is a lucrative market for Apple, with a fifth of the company’s sales come from the country. Much of the company’s products are assembled domestically: Apple ranked fifth in shipping of smart terminal units in the first quarter, according to a 2021 report from Canalys.

As the NOWCook has consistently reiterated his dedication to human and civil rights, even as reports emerge detailing connections between Apple’s Chinese suppliers and poor working conditions.

The Information published last week that 7 of China’s apple suppliers were found to be linked to alleged forced labor by Uighur Muslims and other persecuted groups in the Xinjiang region. Apple has denied these facts.

Brussels’ Apple investigations are “advanced”

Apple has problems to one and the other side of the Atlantic.

In California, the legal proceeding that pits the iPhone manufacturer against the developer and distributor of the popular video game continues Fortnite. This process started in the middle of last year after Fortnite try to get around the 30% commission that Apple receives for payments made in applications within the iOS ecosystem.

Epic filed a second complaint regarding the same issue in Europe last February. But this week, Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition, recognized in an interview with Bloomberg that there are other investigations that are about to end.

This is the investigation that the European Commission itself announced last year on Apple’s contactless payment system on their iPhones, Apple Pay, and with respect to precisely those limits that the multinational puts on its users when offering apps in the App Store. Two investigations that began last June.

Apple Pay, the contactless payment service for iPhones, could be the next antitrust front for Apple

As detailed by Vestager itself in BloombergThese investigations that seek to clarify alleged anti-competitive practices in these matters “are well advanced.” Vestager understands that European regulators they need to take “their own steps”, regardless of what is happening in the Californian court in which Apple and Epic face.

“We have to do our own work without waiting for what happens in the US“Vestager emphasized.” This case is in itself something that we are pushing. “I think it is quite advanced.”

Although the procedure that pits the iPhone manufacturer and the developer of Fortnite captures the attention of European leaders, the Commission maintains that its analysis of the impact of Apple Pay on the market is a pioneer and the Old Continent stars it.

In fact, the Commission itself launched a second investigation last month, recalls Bloomberg, after detecting that Apple requires app developers to use this system for their payment gateways.

Apple stores the data of thousands of customers on Chinese servers and censors applications to please the government that controls most of its supply chain, according to ‘The New York Times’

Although the European Union has gradually become the regulatory giant that the technology industry abhors, Vestager itself has considered that still more efforts are needed. “Legislate it may take a long time and meanwhile many things can happen in the market if we do not investigate them, “he acknowledged.

Apart from this European investigation on Amazon Pay, the case that is being settled in the Californian court faces Apple and Epic on behalf of commissions up to 30% that the creators of apps have to pay on the total of the payments that their users make in their services. Against Apple, other companies such as Tinder or Spotify have spoken out.

Service streaming musical, in fact, prevents its users from subscribing through the iPhone app in order to avoid that of the subscription income, Apple takes 30%. More when the iPhone manufacturer itself has its own service competing against Spotify, Apple Music, which has also been criticized for allegedly receiving favorable treatment from the iPhone app store, the App Store.

Finally, Brussels announced a couple of weeks ago an official accusation against Apple precisely for consider these commissions to abusive third-party developers.

Amazon HD challenges Apple Music HiFi: it will be available to everyone and at no additional cost

Despite Apple’s defense, the apple company announced that it would temporarily withdraw its 30% commissions after the summer of last year as a measure to relieve app creators in the difficult times caused by the pandemic. Finally halved this commission to small developers.

The one of the abusive commissions to other apps or the one of Apple Pay are not the only fronts that the Cupertino company has in the Old Continent: there is also a lawsuit filed about privacy of iPhone users.

How to activate the flashlight that you always carry inside your Apple Watch | Lifestyle

If there is a small tool that in recent years has stopped being sold in hardware stores (at least in the same figures), those are the flashlights. A little gizmo that we all had at home in case the power went out, years ago, opTo search in the dark for anything we need and that for whatever reason it is far from the last light of the house.

This task has practically fallen entirely on the flashes of mobile phones, that they have taken the witness of those lanterns to illuminate us. Now, not only smartphones They have that privilege since in recent times smart watches have also joined these search and rescue efforts, which, as in the case of Apple Watch, are equipped with one of these tools.

How do we activate the flashlight?

The first thing to say is that the Apple Watch does not have an LED flash to illuminate everything in front of it so you have to resort to a technique that is as old as it is effective and that has been used a lot as a fill light in selfies. Surely you remember that screen that changes color when we are taking a photo with the front camera, to illuminate us a little better.

Activate the flashlight on the Apple Watch.

Well, Apple watches do the same. So let’s check it out by activating the flashlight within watchOS. Do you know how? Well, very simple. You simply have to leave the clock on the screen where the time appears and slide your finger from the bottom edge upwards. You will see the control center where the buttons to activate or deactivate Wi-Fi, data, battery level, etc. are located. You go down doing scroll and you will find the same flashlight icon that you have on your iPhone.

When you touch on it, a first design will appear with a white screen that seems to have little intensity but that, when you select it, you will see how it comes to life and it already gives the sensation of lighting without problems. Anyway, that’s just one of the three alternatives we’ll have. The second will be a flashing white light and the third will be a blood-red spotlight that will allow us to see our surroundings without being too dazzled.

To choose each one, we will simply have to slide our finger from right to left so that they pass one after the other and, when we select the one that we are going to use, we touch on the screen so that it gains intensity and we can search anywhere. Thus forgetting our own iPhone.


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Activision Blizzard Inc, RIOT, Tecent, NetEase Inc, Square Enix, GungHo, New One Studio, Archosaur Games Inc, Shengqu Games, DreamGameStudio, Bilibili, Longyougame

The profit margins of the company have also been clarified along with the pricing models. The product spectrum of the derived Mobile Gaming market apparently includes the following TYPES. The study includes information regarding the industry’s participation in the product segments:

Derived from mobile gaming IP

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free + in-app purchase

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Amazon responds to Apple and its offer of HD music without additional cost in the price | Lifestyle

There are times when a small battle in this technology is not seen coming. A company tries to gain a foothold and with a simple movement, it revolutionizes the entire chicken coop overnight. As well, something like this has happened with HD music, which seemed like a quiet grass without much of a buzz … until yesterday’s Apple announcement.

The fact is that those of Cupertino have caused a small earthquake that nobody had on their radar. Virtually all users accepted the current market equilibrium for which they if we want to listen to music with a standard quality we must pay a price horses and, if we prefer the virtues of high fidelity, or quality premium, we had to loosen our pockets to pay that horses and a little more.

Amazon responds instantly

Thus, Apple moved tab yesterday afternoon announcing the arrival of that HD quality to its music library, without a price increase in the cost of the subscription and from next June, so its competitors have already started to react. The first was Amazon, which practically The minute this news was known, he responded on his official page by calling on users with a kind of “calm down, we are also going to give away HIFI music”.

HD music from Amazon, at no additional cost.

And said and done. Amazon kept the home of your HD music service by adding a phrase that is the key to everything: “Now at no additional cost”, so with the same price of the Unlimited subscription we will also have the HD, with lossless music. Offer that has an advantage over Apple’s since it affects both users who connect from iOS and Android, a detail that is not possible (for obvious reasons) in the case of the offer launched yesterday by those from Cupertino.

It must be remembered that in the case of Apple, the HD music plan is limited to the scope of its iPhone, iPad, etc. plus, only support that level of quality, as well as spatial audio, Airpods and Beats devices with H1 and W1 chips. In the case of Amazon, it remains to be seen how it will do it to maintain compatibility and its operation because, remember, in these cases Tim Cook’s always have a little ace up their sleeve and start with an advantage, being the owners of the software and the hardware. In this case the music service, the smartphones and tablets and headphones.


Diablo 4 could have a test on consoles; game files appear on PSN

There is time to see the launch of Diablo 4, as Activision Blizzard has said that it will not arrive this year and that 2022 is not guaranteed. However, we might see some kind of technical or closed alpha testing on consoles sooner than expected. The PlayStation Network database recently added a mysterious game with the codename WELOOOOVEDOGS uploaded by Activision for PS4 and PS5, about 44 GB in weight and with an age rating +17. After speculating whether Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Remastered, Twitter user Justinxrubin has investigated the contents of the files and among them appears one that leaves no doubt: the logo of Diablo 4.

This of course does not mean that the launch is near, and even it could be an internal test for the team and a very tight circle of testers, but at least their existence gives some hope of seeing material from these versions. In addition, Diablo 4 It is only announced on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but – just in case there was any doubt – these files will also confirm a native version for the new generation of consoles.

In March we were able to see La Pcara

Diablo 4 bet on offer us an Open World of Sanctuary that has areas dedicated to PvE or PvP as well as the Camps, old settlements of humanity that we can reconquer to access new missions or buy new objects. To travel the world we can count on the help of different mounts and PvP seems to have some very interesting characteristics.

Diablo 4 was one of the stars at BlizzCon 2021, where we got to see more of the class of the Pcara, a highly mobile character that can fight both at a distance and at mel range thanks to its weapons imbued with powerful poisons or damaging magic with which to damage our enemies.