CDMX Weather: RAINS continue with possible electric shocks this Friday, April 9

Due to a low pressure channel that will extend over the center of the country, the rains in some parts of the Republic, including the CDMX.

Rains in CDMX

This Friday, the Mexico City expect a cool atmosphere in the morning, but in the afternoon it will become warmer, although with a somewhat cloudy sky.

In addition, isolated rains are expected for much of the day that could be accompanied by electric shocks, according to the National Metereological Service (SMN).

On the other hand, they foresee that the maximum temperature in the capital will be between 27 and 29 degrees, while the minina could be between 12 and 14 degrees. In turn, the gusts of wind will be 10 to 20 kilometers.

Take your precautions and use an umbrella

The rains continue, so the authorities urge the population to leave the house with an umbrella and a jacket in order to avoid getting wet.

Likewise, it is recommended to take precautions when leaving almost if transport or car will be used, due to the mishaps that this climate can cause.



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