Celebrities and COVID-19: Paul Stanley confirmed that he tested positive for the coronavirus and joins others on Televisa

Paul Stanley confirmed on his social networks that he tested positive for COVID-19 (Photo: Instagram @paulstanleyd)

The morning show host Today, Paul Stanley, tested positive for COVID-19, so he made it known through his social networks. The case of the positive of Paul Stanley puts the members of the Televisa project in the red as he was part of the team throughout the week and would join the case of Andrea Escalona and Galilea Montijo who also confirmed they had the disease.

Paul’s case is controversial because he is part of numerous projects with Televisa, such as My little inheritance, where he participates with Roxana Castellanos, is also part of the platform of Members On Air, along with Jorge “El Burro” Van Ranking and Mauricio Mancera. Added to this, the number of positive cases on the San Ángel television station continues to increase considerably.

So far the actor has not confirmed if he is asymptomatic or if he suffers from any symptoms. This would be one more hit to the morning show Today, which for the moment keeps Galilea Montijo absent, who, due to testing positive for the disease, could not be present at the tribute that was made to Magda Rodríguez, the producer of the program and who died a few weeks ago.

Both Paul Stanley and Ariel Miramontes tested positive for COVID-19 (Photo: Instagram @paulstanleyd)

Both Paul Stanley and Ariel Miramontes tested positive for COVID-19 (Photo: Instagram @paulstanleyd)

Who also tested positive for COVID-19 was actor Leonardo Daniel, who had to go to the hospital after some complications. In fact, some versions managed that the actor was intubated and at serious risk, However, his family came out to dispel these doubts and clarified that the actor is in the hospital but that he is not even intubated and is out of danger. Daniel’s wife also caught the virus but is still recovering satisfactorily.

Among the cases that the morning has had, we must add the aforementioned case of Andrea Escalona’s family, since both she and her aunt, Andrea Rodríguez, also tested positive for the disease. In the same way, he highlighted the case of the comedian Ariel Miramontes, better known as “Albertano”, who is also part of the play The Comic Quarantine In which Andrea Escalona also participated, in addition to Ninel Conde, who just had a controversial ceremony in the middle of the pandemic.

This itself has been the cause of controversy in recent weeks where various cases of people who carry out events and ceremonies during these months have been disclosed and that this has led to massive cases of COVID-19 infections. Irresponsibility has been taken to such a degree that some states that had the pandemic under control, they have had to make a new interpretation of the quarantine measures in order to re-verify whether it would be necessary to restrict activities again and keep only basic services available.

The comedian is part of the extensive group of Televisa hosts who tested positive for the disease (Photo: Instagram @paulstanleyd)

The comedian is part of the extensive group of Televisa hosts who tested positive for the disease (Photo: Instagram @paulstanleyd)

At Ninel Conde’s wedding they were the meeting point where the producer Alejandro Gou and Raúl “el Negro” Araiza, another of the drivers of Today.

The morning also announced the positive cases of Enrique “El Capi” Albores, the person in charge of giving the weather information in the program, and one of the most notorious cases of positive for COVID 19 was the case of Andrea Legarreta, who got worse and had to go to a hospital. The disease left him with pneumonia that forced him to take therapy after he recovered as he still had trouble breathing.


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