Celebrities from the United States unite so that Trump is not re-elected

On November 3, Americans will elect their next president. Donald Trump and Joe Biden are in the final stretch of their respective campaigns and trying to convince those who have not yet made up their minds. Meanwhile, the election has already started in some states that allow mail-in suffrage and “early voting.” For this reason, dozens of celebrities carry out actions to encourage people to come to the polls and, in most cases, show their clear opposition to the current president.

One of the initiatives that had the most impact this week is the partnership between the Michelle Obama and Lebron James foundations. When We All Vote, created by the social reference, and More Than A Vote, the basketball player, joined forces to offer transportation, food and personal protection to those who will be casting their vote in the coming weeks. “We have to do everything we can to help them vote safely. We cannot leave anyone out, ”Obama explained.

Since voting in the United States is not mandatory and many must do so on business days, celebrities offer help so that they can do so without suffering inconvenience. “I will do everything in my power to help those who want to cast their vote in these elections. Contact my foundation or Michelle’s and you will get all the necessary information, “said James on his social networks. In addition, he released statistics that show that this would be the election with the most voters in the history of the country. While in 2016 there were a total of six million early voters, as of October 16 of this year that sum reached 22 million.

Both Obama and James were against Trump and his policies as president. “The only thing he’s very good at is using fear and confusion and spreading lies to win,” the former first lady said in a recent speech. For his part, James used his popularity to call for equality and justice for African Americans. His statements infuriated Trump so much that he even branded the athlete a “spokesman enemy of the Democratic Party.”

Networks and sport. Another initiative by Michelle Obama seeks to get celebrities to join social networks to encourage voting in the United States. Tom Hanks and Selena Gomez decided to participate and both targeted their fans. “Make yourselves heard,” asked the singer on her Instagram account, where she registers 194 million followers. “We need the largest number of citizens to vote. Also, encourage 3 friends to do the same and have them repeat it with three other friends. This is how we will achieve the goal, “said the actor, who also participated in fundraising events for the Biden campaign.

Another who joined the initiatives was the basketball player Chris Paul. As a benchmark for NBA players, he personally spoke to all athletes and succeeded in getting 90% of them to register to vote for the first time in the history of the league. “We can be the change we want to see in our streets,” he said when announcing the figure. League officials also helped by allowing players to use phrases on their jerseys that sought to encourage viewers to vote.

Music and protests. Another sector that carried out dozens of actions to increase the number of voters was the music industry. Perhaps one of the most active was Taylor Swift, who for months has shown her discontent with Trump. “We are going to take you out in November,” said the 30-year-old artist. On his Instagram account, where he registers 140 million followers, he published several photos in favor of Biden and gave his reasons for voting for him and his vice president, Kamal Harris.

For her part, Lizzo, one of the latest revelations in international music, decided to do her part at the Billboard Awards that were delivered on Wednesday night. The singer wore a dress in which the word “VOTE” was repeated in several places. “I am very excited that we are all preparing to vote. I dressed like this to celebrate this right for which we had to fight a lot ”, he told the press.

Finally, Demi Lovato presented this week a song called Commander in Chief with which she pointed directly against Trump. “He has to answer for his actions and this was my way of sending him the questions that many citizens ask ourselves,” said the actress and singer of Latino descent. “If I did the things you do, I wouldn’t be able to sleep. Do you know what the truth is? ”Says one of the strongest sentences on the subject.

The stars add up. Hollywood actors and actresses have also joined in in recent weeks. One of the strongest demonstrations was made by Leonardo Di Caprio, who is especially concerned about the situation of the environment. “Trump is the only president in US history who removed more public lands than he protected. We need him to leave, ”wrote the actor. He was joined by his girlfriend, the Argentine Camila Morrone, who used her social networks to help the Latino community register to vote.

The Rock Johnson, Billie Eilish, Meryl Streep, George Clooney, Lady Gaga, Robert De Niro, Madonna, Stephen King, Ben Stiller, Chris Evans, Alec Baldwin, Miley Cirus, Mark Ruffalo, Samuel Jackson and Jennifer Lawrence, are just some of the public figures who demonstrated in different ways before the elections. In general, American celebrities tend to stay out of political affairs to avoid problems with fans, brands or companies with which they have a contract. However, this time Donald Trump managed to unite them all in a massive claim against him.


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