Celebrities who have battled depression

January 13 marks the World Day to Combat Depression, an emotional disorder that affects more than three hundred million people in the world, being considered the leading cause of disability in the world. It impacts people of all ages, but especially adolescents and the elderly.

On this day, the aim is to raise awareness, guide and prevent on a global scale about this disease, whose numbers, unfortunately, are increasing.

Among the main features of this disease are the permanent sadness, loss of interest or pleasure in activities of daily living (anhedonia), isolation, sleep and appetite disorders, lack of concentration and feeling tired.

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In any case, specialized medical attention is required for its diagnosis and treatment, since it is not a simple decay and can lead to the emergence of stress, phobias, anxiety, obsessive disorders and, in the worst case, lead to suicide.

Depression does not distinguish between race, age, gender, economic status, or fame, and thus some well-known personalities have suffered with this condition, some of whom have shared their battle to inspire others to seek help and feel better, while that others, unfortunately, have lost the battle.

Here are some of them.

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Empress Masako of Japan

Educated at Oxford and Harvard, the empress of japan, 57, is a former diplomat who became only the second commoner to marry the heir to the throne of Japan; the first was Michikor, your mother-in-law.

Masako met her husband, the emperor Naruhito, in 1986 and they completed 27 years of marriage last June; they are parents of the princess Aiko, 19 years old.

The transition from commoner to princess was not easy, on the other hand, Masako suffered a miscarriage in 1999 to become pregnant again in 2001.

Shortly after the birth of Aiko, Masako began to experience depression problems due in theory to having to leave his career, but mainly to the pressure to produce a male heir, because in Japan women cannot yet occupy the throne.

What was described as an “adjustment disorder” by the imperial household has haunted Masako ever since, preventing him from fulfilling many of his royal obligations, such as making state trips abroad.

Masako’s condition has never been hidden from public opinion and it has been widely reported that she has been in treatment since she was diagnosed.

Starting in 2011, when she visited those affected by the Japan earthquake and tsunami, she has been a little more publicly active. In 2013, he visited the Netherlands with Naruhito, the imperial couple’s first trip abroad in 11 years. On his 55th birthday in 2018, he expressed his desire to embrace his role as empress, although she confessed to feeling “insecure.” “I want to dedicate myself to achieving people’s happiness, so I will dedicate my efforts to that end, while I gain more experience,” he said then.

As empress, the Japanese expect Masako to take a more active role, as does her husband Naruhito, who said that he would like his wife to gradually carry out more activities “doing what she can, one at a time.”

prince harry celebrities suffering from depression(Photo: Commons)

Prince Harry of England

In April 2017, Prince Harry of England told “The Telegraph” newspaper that he had “turned off all his emotions” for almost two decades, after the death of his mother, the Princess Diana.

It wasn’t until she was 28, when she felt close to collapse and began to experience anxiety before her actual commitments, that she sought professional help.

At 36, Harry is happily married to the American actress Meghan Markle and he is the father of Archie, a year old, and, although removed from the life of royalty, seems to have overcome his mental health problems.

In 2016, Harry released together with his brother William and his wife Kate Middleton, the Heads Together campaign and initiative to “help end the stigma of mental health problems”.

“My experience is that as you start talking about it you realize that you belong to a club with many members,” he then told the “Telegraph.”

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james middleton celebrities suffering from depression

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James Middleton

The brother of the duchess of cambridge, Kate Middleton, James, revealed in a long text in the English newspaper “Daily Mail” his battle with clinical depression.

James wrote that he was aware that he had lived a blessed and privileged life, but that this had not made him immune to depression, which he described as a “cancer of the mind.” He also said that when he suffered from it, he felt he “had no purpose or direction” and that he thought he was “a total failure.”

He did not reply to messages from family and friends who were increasingly concerned about him, until, in December 2017, he made a trip alone with his dogs, in which he came to the conclusion that he urgently needed help, which, Fortunately, he obtained it by going to the psychiatrist Stephen Pereira.

James attributes his depression in part to problems adjusting to traditional school and work life caused by his dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder, which caused him to always have very poor grades and a lot of difficulty coping with the requirements of a business.

James credits part of his recovery – today he is happily newly married to Alizee Thevenet—To her dogs Ella, Inca, Luna, Zulu and Mabel. To Ella especially, who accompanied him to all his therapy sessions.

James and Ella are volunteers in the organization “Pets as Therapy” and Ella is today certified as a “therapy partner” by that association.

anthony bourdain celebrities suffering from depression

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Anthony Bourdain

“The business (of the kitchen) attracts marginal elements, people to whom something terrible has happened in life” wrote Anthony Bourdain in his book “Kitchen Confidential” in 2000. “Maybe they failed high school, maybe they are running away, or, maybe, like me, they just like this, ”he added.

Bourdain was one of the first celebrity chefs and had what he himself called “the ideal job”: He traveled all over the world to eat and televise it, for which he was paid very well.

You had thousands and maybe even millions of fans, almost everything you undertook was successful, it won Emmys and published bestsellers from the “New York Times” list, but also suffered from depression.

In June 2018, Bourdain was working on an episode of his series “Parts Unknown” in Strasbourg with his friend and frequent collaborator, Eric Ripert. It was Ripert who was concerned that Bourdain had not shown up for dinner or breakfast; found him dead, hanging in his room at the Hotel Chambard.

There was not a single person who was not shocked by his suicide, including his mother, Gladys, and his girlfriend, the actress. Asia Argento. Bourdain did not reveal to anyone that he had suicidal impulses or had any overt behavior that warned of a deep depression.

Later it was revealed that many chefs and staff dedicated to the restaurant industry frequently have mental problems, which is why the website “Chefs with issues” was created that seeks to help others in situations similar to Bourdain’s.


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