It is always a sad experience to know the death of a hero from your childhood, and 2018 was apparently a year when we had to say goodbye to too many of them.

Regardless of your area of ​​interest, we all felt the loss of celebrity celebrities last year – from political figures like George H.W. Bush and Paddy Ashdown; to the sports stars Cyrille Regis and Eric Bristow; and icons of stage and screen from Stan Lee to June Whitfield, all are greatly missed.

And the losses continued until 2019, with the sad news that we have already lost such popular names as WWE Hall of Famer "Mean" Gene Okerlund, Albert Finney and English goalie legend Gordon Banks.

Here's a look at the ones we lost in 2019 that will inspire generations in the coming years.


Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda was part of the Fonda dynasty

Actor Peter Fonda died on 16 August at the age of 79 from the effects of lung cancer.

The Hollywood legend was part of the famous actor family Fonda – son of Henry, father of Bridget and brother of Jane.

Peter's most famous role was in 1969 the movie Easy Rider alongside Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper. He was co-author and producer of the legendary film, which earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

Dango Nguyen

Walking Dead star Dango Nguyen died on August 10 at the age of 48 after fighting cancer.

He is best known for playing a guard in the zombie horror show, working for the show villain The Governor and fighting with lead actor Rick Grimes.

He has been in seven episodes of the show and his other acting credits include roles in restarting MacGyver and in the television series The Gifted.

David Berman

David Berman was an indie rock singer and poet

David Berman, the singer of indie bands Silver Jews and Purple Mountains, died on 7 August at the age of 52.

In a statement, his record label Drag City said, "A great friend and one of the most inspiring people we've ever known has disappeared. Rest yourself, David."

Berman founded Silver Jews in 1989 with Stephen Malkmus and Bob Nastanovich. In later years, the band played David's wife Cassie on bass.

Berman retired from the music in 2009, but returned in 2018 to found the new Purple Mountains group.

Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison

Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, one of the most influential American writers, died on August 6 at the age of 88.

She was the first black woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature – and won a Pulitzer Prize for her novel Lover.

And President Barack Obama gave her the 2012 Presidential Medal of Freedom.

"Her writing was not only beautiful, but also significant – a challenge to our conscience and a call to greater empathy," Obama wrote on Facebook in a post accompanied by a picture of him with Morrison in the Oval Office. "She was as good a storyteller as she was a fascinating personality."

"I can only imagine a few authors in American letters, who have written with more humanity or more love for the language than Toni," said Knopf editor-in-chief Sonny Mehta. "… Their novels command and demand our attention, they are canonical works."

Joe Longthorne

Joe Longthorne
Joe Longthorne

Joe Longthorne died on August 3 at the age of 64.

The popular entertainer was known in 1981 as a singer and impressionist in the TV show Search For A Star.

Joe, who had been fighting cancer several times in his life, died early in the morning, surrounded by his family.

Ian Gibbons

Ian Gibbons was a member of The Kinks

Ian Gibbons, a member of rock group The Kinks, died on August 1 at the age of 67.

Gibbons was the keyboarder of the band from 1979 to 1996. Bandmate Sir Ray Davies said, "Just saying that Ian is missing would be an understatement."

Harley Race

Harley Race

WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race died on August 1 at the age of 76.

The eight-time NWA heavyweight world champion made his debut in 1960 in the ring and worked for the American Wrestling Alliance (AWA) and the Northern Wrestling Alliance (NWA).

The race is survived by three children and five grandchildren.


Harold & # 39; Hal & # 39; Prince

American theater producer and director Harold Prince, to be seen after a performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical "The Phantom of the Opera" in the Moscow Youth Palace

Harold & # 39; Hal & # 39; Prince died on 31 July at the age of 91 after a short illness.

Known as Hal, the director and producer won 21 Tony Awards for his work in New York's theatrical industry and was honored on this side of the pond as a director of hits like The Phantom of the Opera.

He leaves behind his wife Judy Chaplin and their children Daisy Prince and the actor's son Alexander Chaplin.

Paula Williamson

Paula Williamson

The actress Paula Williamson, who married the well-known prisoner Charles Bronson, was found dead on July 29th.

The Staffordshire police confirmed that Paula had died and found her body in a house in the Sneyd Green area of ​​Stoke-on-Trent.

The 38-year-old had requested divorce from the notorious criminal whom she married in November 2017 in a prison band.

Her relationship ended in July 2018, when Paula appeared on Loose Women and was crying while discussing her marriage.

Paula had appeared on Coronation Street and in Emmerdale and had met Bronson in prison at the end of 2016.

Jimmy Patton

Jimmy Patton (right) with wife Amy

Jimmy Patton died only a year after his younger brother Barry Chuckle.

The 87-year-old comedian who regularly appeared on their hit BBC show, The Chuckle Brothers, died in July, a Facebook post on the official Chuckle Brothers side confirmed.

"I just thought I'd let you know that the elder brother of Chuckle Brothers, Jimmy Patton, unfortunately passed away," it said.

"Jimmy was a big part of chucklevision and the stage shows where he played the character No Slacking. RIP Jim Lad. And No Slacking."

He was married to Ms. Amy, who was a fan of the show herself as a child.

Gabe Khouth

Gabe Khouth

Gabe Khouth died on July 23 at the age of 46 after a suspected motorcycle accident.

The actor and spokesman was perhaps best known for his role as Skip the Elf at Santa Baby and most recently appeared as Mr Clark / Sneezy on ABC's Once Upon A Time.

His best-known voice-over credits include Dragonball Z as Goten, Arcade in X: Men Evolution and Felix in Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses.

Rutger Hauer

Blade Runner actor Rutger Hauer died on July 19th at the age of 75.

The Dutch film legend Roy Batty played in the science fiction epic died after a brief illness at home in the Netherlands.

His death was confirmed by his agent Steve Kenis, who revealed that Hauer had died on July 19th.

Craig Fallon

Fallon with his gold medal at the 2005 World Championships

Former European and Judo World Champion Craig Fallon died at the age of 36.

Fallon won the 60 kg final at the 2005 World Championships, before winning gold at the 2006 European Championships and the 2007 World Cup.

He is the last British Judoka to win a World Crown, and only the third British man in history.

Pernell Whittaker

Pernell Whitaker was a world champion with four weights

Pernell & # 39; Sweet Pea & # 39; Whitaker died on 14 July at the age of 55.

The boxing legend died of his injuries after being hit by a car in Virginia.

Whitaker, nicknamed "Sweet Pea," won Olympic gold in 1984 before becoming a professional in the same year, and will be remembered as perhaps the best defensive fighter of all time.

He won world titles with four different weights and is considered one of the best who has ever laced a pair of gloves.

Karl Shiels

Karl Shiels Unknown

The actor Karl Shiels died on 14 July at the age of 47 years.

The veteran star who appeared at Peaky Blinders was best known for his role as Robbie Quinn at the Irish Soap Fair City.

Karl appeared in 2005 in the movie Batman Begins as in Arkham Asylum imprisoned racket.

His first acting recognition came in 1999, short Between Dreams, and appeared in a number of television programs and films.

Emily Hartridge

Emily Hartridge

TV presenter Emily Hartridge died on July 12 at the age of 35.

Her family confirmed the death of the popular YouTube creator and presenter of S ***, I'm 30, who is believed to have died Friday morning after being involved in a collision in South London.

In a statement on Instagram, "Hello everyone, it's terrible to say so through Instagram, but we know that many of you have expected Emily today, and this is the only way to contact you all at once.

Brendan Grace

Brendan played Father Fintan Stack in the legendary comedy Father Ted

Irish comedian Brendan Grace died July 11, at the age of 68, after a fight against lung cancer.

Grace was best known for his appearance in the sitcom Father Ted as Father Fintan Stack.

Prior to his comedy career, Brendan was a vocalist and the original interpreter of the 1970s newcomer Combine Harvester before the Wurzels released their version. He also toured with greats like John Denver and Frank Sinatra.

Brendan O & # 39; Carroll, the inventor of Mr Brown's Boys, paid tribute to Grace and described him as a "comedy legend". He said, "So sad about the death of a great comedy legend, husband and father"

Denise Nickerson

Willy Wonka star Denise Nickerson passed away at the age of 62

Actress Denise Nickerson died on July 10 at the age of 62 after pneumonia.

Nickerson was best known for her role as Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. She was only 13 years old when she got the role in the 1971 children's classic, and switched to television roles in programs such as Dark Shadows and The Brady Bunch.

Freddie Jones

Freddie Jones

Emmerdale star Freddie Jones died on July 10 at the age of 91.

The actor played Sandy Thomas in the ITV soap for 13 years, joined in 2005 and shot his last scene in 2018.

A statement from Emmerdale paid tribute to the beloved star.

"Everyone in Emmerdale is deeply saddened by the death of one of the series' most brilliant actors and favorite people, Freddie Jones," a spokeswoman said.

"Freddie was a part of Emmerdale for many years and brought his unique, energetic, contagious sparkle to every scene he was in."

Freddie was the father of British actor legend Toby Jones and two other sons of the industry – director Rupert Jones and actor Casper Jones. His wife – her mother – is the actress Jennifer Heslewood.

Rip Torn

Rip Torn in dodgeball

Oscar-nominated and Emmy award-winning actor Rip Torn died on 9 July at the age of 88.

Rip was a character actor best known for his roles in Men In Black, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and The Larry Sanders Show on TV.

Honors from respected names such as Will Smith, Neil Gaiman and Alex Baldwin went to Torn, who won an Emmy Award for his work on the Larry Sanders Show and 1984 Oscar nomination for the film Cross Creek received.

Tanya Jones

Vinnie Jones and Tanya Jones
Vinnie Jones and Tanya Jones

Vinnie Jones # Ms. Tanya died of cancer on July 7 after a six-year struggle.

The footballer's beloved wife, who became a movie star, died at the age of 53, at home in Los Angeles, surrounded by her loved ones.

In a statement by Jones's management, "On Saturday, July 6, at 8:46 am local time in Los Angeles, Vinnie Jones's wife Tanya Jones died after a long illness.

"Tanya passed peacefully at the Jones family home, surrounded by Vinnie, her daughter, and other family members.

"Vinnie and the family ask for privacy as they undergo an understandable period of mourning in this devastating time."

George Kay

Former rugby player and ex-husband of Kerry Katona, George Kay, died on July 7 at the age of 39 from an overdose of drugs.

George, the father of Kerry's youngest daughter Dylan-Jorge, was declared dead on arrival at the hospital yesterday.

He had a long history of drug abuse and had struggled with mental health problems during their chaotic relationship.

Cameron boyce

Cameron Boyce died while sleeping from a seizure

The star of Disney descendants Cameron Boyce died on July 6, 2019 at the age of only 20 years.

His family confirmed that the child actor had suffered a fatal attack due to a "persistent illness," although his official cause of death has not yet been resolved.

"With a profoundly heartbroken heart, we report that we lost Cameron this morning," said his devastated parent and sister.

"He died in his sleep from a seizure due to a persistent illness for which he was treated.

"The world is undoubtedly without one of its brightest lights now, but its spirit will live on through the kindness and compassion of all who knew and loved it."

They added, "We are deeply broken and ask for privacy in this very difficult time as we complain about the loss of our precious son and brother."

John McCririck

TV presenter John McCririck

John McCririck died at the age of 79.

The former Pundit has been the face of Channel 4 Racing for 28 years before being dropped in 2012.

He was also known outside the circuit for his outspoken opinions that he did not share during his time with Celebrity Big Brother.

Tyler Skaggs

Tyler Skaggs

Los Angeles Angels' Tyler Skaggs pitcher died July 1 at the age of just 27.

In a statement, the angels said, "It is with great sadness that we report that Tyler Skaggs has died in Texas today.

"Tyler was and always will be an important part of the Angels Family, and our thoughts are with his wife Carli and his entire family during this devastating time."

Skaggs was born in Woodland Hills, California in 1991 and drafted by the Angels in the first round of Major League Baseball Draft in 2009.

This season he made his professional debut in minor league baseball before moving to the Arizona Diamondbacks the following summer.


Max Wright

Max Wright played Willie Tanner in the 80s sitcom ALF

Actor Max Wright died on 26 June at the age of 75 after a long battle with cancer.

Wright played Willie Tanner in the 1908 sitcom ALF and later played in early episodes of Friends as Central Perk's manager.

He also appeared in ER, Murder She Wrote and Quantum Leap.

Beth Chapman

Beth Chapman became famous with her husband on the TV show Dog the Bounty Hounter

Reality TV star Beth Chapman died on June 26, aged 51, after a fight against throat cancer.

Beth was the wife of Duane Chapman AKA Dog, the bounty hunter, and appeared on her side in her TV show in the early 2000s, where they tracked lawbreakers. This was followed by a spin-off titled Dog and Beth: On The Hunt.

Bryan Marshall

Bryan Marshall

James Marshall, the star of James Bond and his neighbors, died June 26, at the age of 81.

Best known for his role as Commander Talbot in the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me.

The news was confirmed by an agent at ECA, Esta Charkham, who tweeted: "So sad that my dear old friend Bryan Marshall has continued.

"A wonderful actor – he was so good that you never realized how good he was.

"He was a valued buddy, his credits are a catalog of classic British and Australian television.

"Keep driving, dearest Bryan."

Douglas Fielding

Caption: Douglas Fielding in Z Cars

The actor Douglas Fielding died at the age of 73 years.

Fielding played between 1985 and 1986 as a policeman Roy Quick in EastEnders. From 1969 to 1978 he also played Alec Quilley in the cop drama Z Cars.

Billy Drago

Billy Drago died at the age of 73 years

Actor Billy Drago died on 24 June at the age of 73 after a stroke.

Drago started as a stuntman before shooting more than 100 films. He appeared in the untouchables, The Hills have eyes and played alongside Chuck Norris as the villain in Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection.

The star also had a number of small screen roles in shows, including Charmed and The X-Files.


Etika was just 29 years old

YouTube star Etika, whose real name is Desmond Amofah, died at the age of 29.

The police confirmed that the popular player had died a few days after his disappearance and discovered some of his personal belongings on the Manhattan Bridge.

The official New York Police Department tweeted, "We regret that Desmond Amofah aka Etika was found dead."

William Simons

Actor William Simons died on June 21 at the age of 78. Best known was Simons as PC Alf Ventress in the ITV show Heartbeart during the entire 18-year run. He has also had numerous other small film roles in programs such as Lovejoy, Bergerac, Coronation Street and The Sweeney.

Eddie Garcia

Eddie Garcia

The actor and film director Eddie Garcia died on 20 June at the age of 90 years.

He has a long career and is considered the greatest Filipino actor of all time.

Among his most famous works include 1971 Beast of the Yellow Night, 1972 The Woman Hurt and 1986 Magdusa ka!

Philippe Zdar

Philippe Zdar

Philippe Zdar, half of the French house duo Cassius, died on 19 June at the age of 50 years.

According to his agent, he accidentally fell through a window from a "high floor of an old Parisian building."

They were great collaborators, and their album Ibifornia 2016 featured Pharrell, Mike D from Beastie Boys, Cat Power, and others.

Adrian McCallum

Scottish wrestler Lionheart is a 16-year-old veteran

British wrestling legend Adrian McCallum, known by his ring-name Lionheart, died on June 19th at the age of 36.

Lionheart was the reigning ICW heavyweight champion and a big name in the British wrestling scene for more than 10 years, performing in shows for WWE and TNA in the UK.

ICW (Insane Championship Wrestling) posted a heartfelt message on Twitter confirming the shock news.

Gloria Vanderbilt

Gloria Vanderbilt with her son Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt during Tiffany's "Silver Jewelry" party at Tiffany Store in New York, New York, USA. (Photo by Rabbani and Solimene Photography / WireImage)

American celebrity Gloria Vanderbilt died on June 17 at the age of 95.

Gloria was an artist, author, fashion designer and New York It Girl and heir to the Vanderbilt fortune.

Anderson Cooper confirmed the sad news on his television program as he read an obituary to his mother.

Bushwick Bill

Bushwick Bill

Rapper Bushwick Bill died on 9 June at the age of 52 years after a fight against pancreatic cancer.

The Geto Boys star, whose real name was Richard Shaw, was surrounded by his family and friends when he died.

Shaw, who was born with dwarfism, previously appeared under the name Little Billy and was a dancer of the group, before joining the band in 1986 with Willie D and Scarface.

Paul Darrow

Paul Darrow

Blakes 7, Emmerdale and Doctor Who star Paul Darrow died on 3 June.

His representative confirmed that he had died that morning and said the world would be a "darker place" without him.

"For over three decades, I was Paul's confidant and had the great privilege of being part of his life," the spokeswoman told The Daily Express.

"Today a star went out. The world will be a darker place without him. "

Jose Antonio Reyes

Jose Antonio Reyes

Former Arsenal star Jose Antonio Reyes died on June 1 at the age of 35.

The footballer, who spent three seasons at the London club and the Spanish club Sevilla, was involved in a serious car accident in his Spanish hometown Utrera.

He leaves his two daughters Noelia and Triana and his wife Noelia Lopez, whom he married in June 2017.


Carmine Caridi

Carmine Caridi appeared in two of the Godfather films

Actor Carmine Caridi died on May 29 at the age of 85 after falling into a coma.

Caridi's biggest roles were in the Godfather films when Carmine Rosato appeared in The Godfather Part II in 1974 and returned in 1990 when Albert Volpe returned as another character to complete the gangster film trilogy.

The star also had several minor roles in shows such as Taxi, Starsky and Hutch, Fame and NYPD Blue.

Gabriel Diniz

Latin pop star Gabriel Diniz on 27 May at the age of 28 years in a plane crash.

Known around the world for his hit "Jenifer", the pop star was on his way to his girlfriend's birthday party when the plane he was traveling in fell out.

Two others were tragically killed in the same incident.

Judith Kerr

Judith does what she loves – drawing and writing – at her home in West London

Tiger Who Came To Tea author Judith Kerr died on May 22 at the age of 95.

The author and illustrator died after a short illness at home, their publishers confirmed.

The Tiger Who Came To Tea, which sold more than five million copies and was never sold out, was one of many books written by Kerr.

Charlie Redmayne, CEO of HarperCollins, said, "Judith Kerr was a wonderful and inspiring person who was loved by everyone at HarperCollins, a brilliantly talented artist and storyteller who has left us an extraordinary work.

"Always reserved and very, very funny, Judith loved life and loved people – and especially she loved a party.

"Beautifully dressed and with a smile on her face she would enlighten the room and would always be one of the last to leave, spending time in her company was one of the great privileges of life and I am so grateful to have known her."

Jake Black

Jake Black

Jake Black died on May 21, confirmed members of his band Alabama 3.

The musician who co-wrote the song, which was used as a theme tune for The Sopranos, died a few days after appearing at a festival.

His cause of death is currently unknown.

The Glasgow based Jake founded in 1995 with his singer Rob Spragg the band Alabama 3.

They recorded a dozen albums of groundbreaking electronic fusion of country, blues, and sour house music.

The band's biggest hit, Woke Up This Morning, was used for the opening credits of the gangster drama The Sopranos.

Niki Lauda

Former F1 World Champion Niki Lauda

The legend of Forumla One, Niki Lauda, ​​died on May 20 at the age of 70.

The three-time world champion won in 1975 and 1977 the title for Ferrari and 1984 again for McLaren.

In a statement states: "In deep sadness we announce that our beloved Niki has peacefully fallen asleep with his family."

Andrew Hall

Andrew Hall

Butterfly star Andrew Hall died on May 20 at the age of 65.

The actor, who appeared on Coronation Street in 2011 as a cross-dressing fan of Audrey Roberts, died after a brief illness.

A tweet from his management confirmed the message with the words: "With great sadness we announce the death of our customer and friend Andrew Hall, who unfortunately passed away on Monday after a short illness.

"Andrew was loved by the crowd because of his many roles, especially the butterflies, Coronation Street and, more recently, Syfy's Blood Drive."

"Grumpy Cat" Tardar Sauce

Internet meme sensation Grumpy Cat

Fans of internet memes around the world mourned on May 17, when it was revealed that the world-famous grumpy cat had died.

The cat from Arizona became an internet sensation for her hilarious facial expression.

She died of complications after infection at the age of 7 years.

Isaac Kappy

Isaac Kappy

Thor and Terminator: The actor Isaac Kayy died on May 15 at the age of 42.

He died in Arizona after jumping off a bridge before being hit by a car.

It is believed that "several viewers tried to physically prevent Kappy from jumping but did not hold him".

Kappy made headlines last year after allegedly attacking Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson.

Doris Day

Doris Day, American actress and singer, wears a light blue, short-sleeved wool blouse with two dragonfly brooches, circa 1955. (Photo: Silver Screen Collection / Getty Images)

Doris Day died at the age of 97 years.

The Doris Day Animal Foundation confirmed the news that Day, one of Hollywood's last surviving stars of the Golden Age, died on May 13 at her friends' home in Carmel Valley, California.

According to the charity, the retired showbiz icon was in excellent physical condition for her age until she recently contracted a serious case of pneumonia.

The day is survived by a grandson.

As she retired from the limelight for years, Golden Girl Day had a brilliant showbiz career of more than eight decades.

Nan Winton

Nan Winton

Nancy Wigginton, the first woman to read the news on BBC television, died on May 11 at the age of 93.

Heart failure, hypertension and senility were reported as causes of death.

Shard King – César Barrón

LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 1: Professional wrestler and actor Silver King poses during a photo call at York Hall in Bethnal Green on July 1, 2016 in London, England. A series of luchadores will appear in "The Greatest Spectacle of Lucha Libre," which will be held on two days, featuring Mexican and British stars from the world of Mexican wrestling. (Photo by Jack Taylor / Getty Images)

The former WCW wrestler Silver King, whose real name is César Barrón, died on 11 May at the age of 51.

He reportedly died following a medical problem during an event at the Roundhouse in East London.

Barrón appeared in the WCW between 1997 and 2000 when he worked without any of the famous Mexican wrestling masks and appeared alongside Jack Black in the wrestling comedy Nacho Libre.

Peggy Lipton

For editorial use only. No book cover use. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Moviestore / REX / Shutterstock (1637004a) Twin Peaks, Peggy Lipton Film and Television

Twin Peaks actress Peggy Lipton died of cancer on May 11 at the age of 72.

The former model has made a name for himself in "The Mod Squad," though it may be best known to play waitress Norma Jennings in David Lynch's Twin Peaks.

She leaves the daughters Kidada and Rashida Jones, their children from the marriage with the music producer Quincy Jones.

Brian Walden

Brian Walden

Brian Walden died on 9 May at the age of 86 years.

The broadcaster and former Labor politician succumbed to complications resulting from emphysema.

Brian represented the constituency of Birmingham Ladywood from 1964 to 1977 and left the parliament to act as moderator for ITV. He quickly became one of the best political interviewers in the country.

He is survived by his wife Hazel and four sons.

Freddie Starr

Freddie Starr
Freddie Starr

Comedian Freddie Starr died on 9 May at the age of 76.

Starr, who was also the singer of the Merseybeat pop group Midniters, was found dead in his Spanish home.

Freddie became famous in the early 1970s when he appeared on the TV show Opportunity Knocks and the Royal Variety Performance.

He has starred in a number of his own television shows, including The Freddie Starr Show and An Audience with Freddie Starr.

He's known to a newer audience for his appearance in I'm a celebrity … Get me out of here! in 2011.

Irene Sutcliffe

Irene Sutcliffe as Maggie Clegg on Coronation Street

Coronation Street star Irene Sutcliffe died on May 3 at the age of 88.

Die Schauspielerin gab 1968 ihr Debüt in der ITV-Seife als die langjährige Maggie Clegg, die mit ihrem alkoholkranken Ehemann Les den Tante-Emma-Laden leitete.

Abseits der Bühne und der Leinwand war Irene mehrere Jahrzehnte lang ein hart arbeitendes Komiteemitglied des Actors 'Benevolent Fund und half dabei, Schauspieler und Bühnenmanager zu unterstützen, die durch Krankheit, Verletzung oder Alter in Schwierigkeiten geraten.


Peter Mayhew

Peter Mayhew
Peter Mayhew

Der Star Wars-Schauspieler Peter Mayhew wurde nach seinem Tod im Alter von 74 Jahren als "großer Mann mit einem noch größeren Herzen" in Erinnerung gerufen.

Der britisch-amerikanische Schauspieler Mayhew spielte den Wookiee-Krieger Chewbacca in der angesehenen Fantasy-Filmreihe, die in fünf Filmen zu sehen war, zuletzt in The Force Awakens aus dem Jahr 2015.

Seine Familie gab bekannt, dass er am 30. April in seinem Haus in Texas gestorben ist, umgeben von Angehörigen.

Kurz nachdem die Nachricht bekannt wurde, zollten Mayhews Fans und ehemalige Co-Stars Anerkennung.

Harrison Ford, der den Charakter von Han Solo spielte, lobte ihn für seine "große Würde und seinen edlen Charakter".

Rowland "Boon" Gould

Boon Gould, das Gründungsmitglied von Level 42, wurde Ende April in seinem Haus tot aufgefunden.

Der Gitarrist Rowland Gould mit dem Spitznamen Boon wurde von der Polizei in Dorset entdeckt.

Eine Facebook-Erklärung des Frontmanns der Band, Mark King, verkündete die traurige Nachricht.

"Es ist mit dem schwersten von Herzen, dass ich Ihnen vom Tod unseres lieben Freundes und Bruders Boon Gould erzählen muss", schrieb er.

John Singleton

John Singleton

John Singleton ist am 29. April im Alter von 51 Jahren verstorben.

Der Oscar-nominierte Regisseur, der für bekannte Filme wie Boyz n The Hood, Shaft und 2 Fast 2 Furious verantwortlich ist, war nach einem Schlaganfall im Krankenhaus schwer krank.

Ken Kercheval

Dallas 'Cliff Barnes starb im Alter von 83 Jahren, vermutlich am 21. April verstorben.

Ken Kercheval war am besten dafür bekannt, dass er in dem erfolgreichen US-amerikanischen TV-Drama gegen Larry Hagman den Erzrivalen von JR Ewing spielte.

Eine Sprecherin des Frist Funeral Home in der Heimatstadt des Schauspielers in Clinton, Indiana, bestätigte The Hollywood Reporter seinen Tod.

Kercheval spielte in 14 Serien von Dallas und kehrte sogar für den Neustart 2012 zurück.

Billy McNeill

Billy McNeill

Billy McNeill starb am 22. April im Alter von 79 Jahren nach einem langen Kampf gegen Demenz.

Der Lissabonner Löwe McNeill war der erste Brite, der den Europapokal als Kapitän gewann, und er war der Kapitän des Europapokals von 1967, als er Inter Mailand im Finale besiegte.

In einer Erklärung sagte Celtic: "Mit großer Trauer verkünden wir den Tod unseres Vaters Billy McNeill. Er ist in der letzten Nacht (Montag, 22. April) von seiner Familie und seinen Angehörigen umgeben gestorben."

Ray Boddington

Ray Boddington
Ray Boddington

Ray Boddington, der berühmte Frontmann der Manchester-Band Piccadilly Rats, starb am 18. April im Alter von 77 Jahren.

Der Sänger, der von einer Straßenbahn in der Innenstadt von Manchester angefahren wurde, starb im Krankenhaus, umgeben von seiner Familie.

Ray, der in seiner Heimatstadt als Straßenmusiker bekannt war, war zuvor bei The X Factor und Judge Rinder aufgetreten.

Bradley Welsh

Bradley Welsh

Bradley Welsh, who starred in  Trainspotting 2, died on April 17, aged 42.

Welsh, a former professional boxer and reformed football hooligan turned charity worker, appeared on an episode of Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men back in 2008.

The dad, who leaves behind an eight-year-old daughter, played gangland kingpin Doyle in T2 and is friends with author of the novel,  Irvine Welsh.

Georgia Engel

Georgia Engel was a star of stage and screen

Georgia Engel, star of Everybody Loves Raymond, died on April 12, aged 70.

Engel – who was known for her sweet-sounding speaking voice – was nominated for five Emmys during her career.

She first rose to fame on The Mary Tyler Moore show playing Georgette Franklin, the wife of anchorman Ted Baker.

In later years Engel had roles in The Office, Two and a Half Men and the movie Grown Ups 2, as well as returning to the stage in several shows on Broadway.

Tommy Smith

Tommy Smith has passed away

Former Liverpool captain Tommy Smith died on April 11, aged 74.

Affectionately known as ‘The Anfield Iron’ club legend Smith, who had been battling dementia,  spent 18 years as a player with the Reds and is one of the most influential figures in the club’s history.

The tough tackling midfielder captained his boyhood club and made 638 appearances in total – the eighth in the all-time list at Anfield.

Ian Cognito

Ian was loved by many on the comedy circuit

Stand up comic Ian Cognito died on April 11, after 'having a heart attack' on stage.

The comedian was performing at the Lone Wolf Comedy Club in Bicester when he fell ill, with the audience initially believing his silence was part of his act.

Fellow comedians rushed to pay tribute to the "lovable lunatic", who was affectionately known as Cogs. Hailing from Walthamstow, the comic's age is unknown.

Mya-Lecia Naylor

Mya-Lecia was just 16

CBBC star Mya-Lecia Naylor died on April 7 at the age of 16.

Mya-Lecia, who starred in CBBC shows Millie Inbetween and Almost Never, was a model, actress and singer.

She also appeared in BBC show Absolutely Fabulous as Jane in 2004.

The sad news was confirmed by her representatives A&J Management.

Sandy Ratcliff

Actors Sandy Ratcliff and Nejdet Salih pictured on the set of the BBC soap opera 'EastEnders', April 5th 1991. (Photo by Don Smith/Radio Times/Getty Images)

Former EastEnders star Sandy Ratcliff died on April 7, at the age of 70.

The actress, who was one of the original EastEnders cast members and played Sue Osman from 1985 until 1989, passed away in a care home in Stamford Hill, North London.

Sandy starred in the first ever episode of the popular BBC soap in 1985 as cafe owner Ali Osman's long-suffering wife.

John Quarmby

John Quarmby

John Quarmby died on April 5, aged 89.

He was best known for playing Mr Carnegie the health inspector in the classic Fawlty Towers episode Basil The Rat.

Comedy legend John Cleese led tributes to his TV co-star on Twitter.

He wrote: "Sad to hear of the death of John Quarmby who played the health inspector in Basil the Rat episode

"Lovely chap. I shall never forget the expression on his face when he saw the rat sitting in the biscuit tin."



Liverpool band Her's were killed in a car crash while touring the United States on March 27.

Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laadig, were travelling to a gig in Santa Ana, California, on Wednesday, when they were involved in a fatal accident.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the band’s label Heist Or Hit wrote: "We are all heartbroken. Their energy, vibrancy and talent came to define our label."

Ranking Roger

Ranking Roger

Musician Roger Charlery, better known as Ranking Roger of the Beat and General Public, died on March 26 at the age of 56.

News of his death was announced to fans with a statement on Instagram which read: "He fought & fought & fought, Roger was a fighter."

In January this year it was revealed that Charlery had suffered a stroke over the summer and was diagnosed with two brain tumours and lung cancer.

Scott Walker

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Dezo Hoffman/REX/Shutterstock (16018a) Scott Walker THE WALKER BROTHERS – 1967

The Walker Brothers star Scott Walker died at the age of 76.

The sad news was announced by independent record label 4AD, who say they were honoured to have worked with the star for 15 years.

Scott, who was born Noel Scott Engel, starred in the American pop trio, popular in the 1960s and 1970s, alongside John Walker and Gary Leeds.

His cause of death has not been announced.

Sharing the sad news, the label said on its website: "It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Scott Walker. Scott was 76 years old and is survived by his daughter, Lee, his granddaughter, Emmi-Lee, and his partner Beverly.

Justin Carter

Country singer Justin Carter had been dubbed the 'next Garth Brooks'.

Up-and-coming country music star Justin Carter died on March 17 aged 35 after accidentally shooting himself.

The singer discharged a gun by mistake while filming a music video.

Carter was being touted as the 'next Garth Brooks' by his management, and was a father to two daughters.

Mike Thalassitis

Mike Thalassitis

Reality TV star Mike Thalassitis was found dead on March 16, aged 26.

The Love Island star's body was found in woods near his Essex home.

Mike was a former League Two footballer who found fame on the ITV2 dating show in 2017.

His behaviour on the show saw him land the nickname 'Muggy Mike' as well as a reputation as a reality villain.

Pat Laffan

Pat Laffan

Irish actor Pat Laffan died on March 14, aged 79

Laffan was best known for his role as milkman Pat Mustard in Father Ted, and it was the show's creator who broke the news of his passing on Twitter, telling his followers: "Just heard the sad news that Pat Laffan who played Pat Mustard in Father Ted has died. Rest in peace, Pat, a pleasure to work with you".

The news was confirmed in a statement by Mr Laffan's agent Lisa Richards.

Charlie Whiting

Charlie Whiting passed away just three days before the first race of the 2019 season

F1 race director Charlie Whiting died on March 14 aged 66 from a pulmonary embolism.

A popular figure in Formula 1, Whiting had been in the role since 1997 and played a pivotal part in improving the motorsport's safety.

Magenta Devine

Magenta Devine

TV presenter Magenta Devine died on March 6, aged 61, after a short illness.

The host of BBC Two's Rough Guides to the World and Channel 4's Network 7, Magenta – real name Kim Taylor – had been receiving treatment in hospital for an illness shortly before her death.

She was known for her distinctive choppy bob hairstyle, and the trademark dark shades she always wore.

Her other presenting credits include Young, Gifted And Broke from 1999 to 2001.

Luke Perry

Luke Perry

Luke Perry died on March 4, aged 52, after suffering a massive stroke.

He was rushed to hospital after suffering the stroke while at his Sherman Oaks, CA home, but never recovered.

Luke was best known for playing Dylan McKay in the teen show Beverly Hills, 90210 and was currently starring as Archie's father Fred Andrews in Riverdale.

Keith Flint

Keith Flint

The Prodigy's Keith Flint died at the age of 49 on March 4.

The singer, famous for his single Firestarter, was found dead at his home in Essex, with his best friend Liam Howlett revealing In an Instagram post that he took his own life.

Howlett wrote: "The news is true , I can’t believe I’m saying this but our brother Keith took his own life over the weekend.

I’m shell shocked , f**kin angry , confused and heart broken ….. r.i.p brother Liam #theprodigy ."

The Prodigy found huge fame after emerging from the underground rave scene in the early 1990s.


Andrew Previn

The Oscar winning composer has died aged 89

The German-American composer died in his Manhattan home on February 28 aged 89.

He won his first Oscar in his 20s, the first for best scoring of a musical picture for Gigi in 1958 and Porgy & Bess in 1959.

He is best known in the UK for his role as 'Andrew Preview' in Morcambe and Wise.

Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson

The Cure drummer Andy Anderson died on February 26, aged 68, after losing his battle with cancer.

His death was announced by former bandmate Lol Tolhurt, who said: "Andy Anderson was a true gentleman and a great musician with a wicked sense of humor which he kept until the end, a testament to his beautiful spirit on the last journey."

Anderson revealed he had been diagnosed with the terminal disease just earlier this month, via a Facebook post.

Lisa Sheridan

Lisa Sheridan

Actress Lisa Sheridan, who appeared in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and The 4400, died on February 25, aged 44.

Her manager confirmed the news, saying: "She passed away Monday morning, at home, in her apartment in New Orleans. We are waiting for a coroners report on cause of death.”

Friends such as Baywatch actress Donna D'Errico and filmmaker Michael Dunaway took to social media to pay tribute to the star.

Sheridan's body of work, mostly on US television, also included Invasion, Journeyman and The Mentalist, among others.

Mark Hollis

Mark Hollis

Talk Talk singer Mark Hollis died on February 25 after a short illness, at the age of 64.

Hollis was the founder, lead songwriter, singer and creative mastermind behind the 80s new wave band – who produced such classic tracks as It's My Life, Life's What You Make It, Today and Such A Shame.

His longtime manager Keith Aspden confirmed the news in a statement, saying: “I can't tell you how much Mark influenced and changed my perceptions on art and music.

"I'm grateful for the time I spent with him and for the gentle beauty he shared with us.”

Katherine Helmond

US actress Katherine Helmond passed away aged 89

Actress Katherine Helmond died on February 23 aged 89 following complications from Alzheimer's disease.

The Hollywood star was most famous for her roles in sitcoms Who's the Boss and Everybody Loves Raymond.

During her decades-long career she also appeared in True Blood and Soap, as well as the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Brody Stevens

Brody Stevens was a regular on the LA comedy circuit

Comedian Brody Stevens died on February 22 aged 48.

As well as his career in stand-up comedy, Brody also appeared in movies with roles in The Hangover and Due Date.

In a statement from his reps, Brody was described as “an inspiring voice who was a friend to many in the comedy community."

Peter Tork

Peter Tork of The Monkees performs at The Beacon Theatre
Peter Tork of The Monkees performs at The Beacon Theatre

Monkees singer Peter Tork died on February 21, aged 77.

The sad news was confirmed by his sister Anne Thorkelson, though she did not clarify the star's cause of death, reports the Washington Post.

He had been diagnosed with a rare form of tongue cancer, adenoid cystic carcinoma, in 2009.

Peter was a singer, bass player and keyboard player for the Monkees, a four-piece band who found fame in the 1960s.

Vinny Vella

Vinny Vella

The Sopranos and Casino actor Vinny Vella has died, aged 72, after a battle with liver cancer.

A statement from his rep said: "We are saddened to report that Vinny Vella has passed and I'm sure that no one is more saddened than himself.

"Vinny loved life from his family to his friends and fans he was easily one of the funniest, endearing actors to have ever graced the screen."

He was well known for his smaller roles in Donnie Brasco, Mambo Cafe, Kissing Jessica Stein and Find Me Guilty, and also played opposite Robert De Niro in Analyze That.

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld died on February 19, aged 85, after a cancer battle.

The iconic designer, who was the creative director of Chanel, is believed to have been unwell for two weeks before his death in a Paris hospital.

According to sources close to him, Lagerfeld was rushed to hospital on Monday while suffering from pancreatic cancer.

"He hadn't gone on about his illness, but battled it very bravely," said one insider. "Karl was very proud of his fitness and healthy living, so the pancreatic cancer came as a huge shock."

Eric Harrison

Eric Harrison was a stalwart of the Manchester United coaching set up

Former Manchester United youth coach Eric Harrison died on February 13, aged 81.

Harrison, credited with the development of United's fabled 'Class of '92', was diagnosed with dementia four years ago.

He appeared for Halifax, Hartlepool, Barrow and Southport during his playing career, before he became United's youth team manager in 1981.

Harrison's first major finds were Norman Whiteside and Mark Hughes, both of whom appeared in United's 1981-82 FA Youth Cup Final loss to Watford; Northern Ireland international Whiteside would go on to score key goals in the senior side's FA Cup success the following year.

But greatest successes came following the arrival of Sir Alex Ferguson in 1986, with the Scot revamping the club's scouting network.

Gordon Banks

Gordon Banks
Gordon Banks

England's World Cup winning goalkeeper Gordon Banks died on February 12 at the age of 81.

Regarded as one of the game's greatest in his position, Banks was named FIFA goalkeeper of the year six times and earned 73 caps for England.

Born in Sheffield, Banks made 628 appearances during a 15-year career in the Football League, playing for Chesterfield, Leicester City and Stoke.

Jan-Michael Vincent

Jan-Michael Vincent died at the age of 74 on February 10.

The star of Airwolf died of a heart attack.

Carmen Argenziano

Carmen Argenziano

Actor Carmen Argenziano, who appeared in Godfather II and Stargate SG-1, died on February 9, aged 75.

His acting agency Event Horizon Talent confirmed the sad news in a Facebook post.

They wrote: "It is with a heavy heart and more sadness than anyone can realize right now that I announce the passing of client Carmen Argenziano at the age of 75.

"His acting career began in the early 1970s and included a turn in The Godfather, Part II. "Carmen worked steadily over more than 40 years and was a staple character actor on our televisions throughout that time, including on series such as Cheers, Melrose Place, ER, CSI:NY and many others, while also lending his talents to films both tentpole and intimate."


UK rapper Cadet died aged 28

Rapper Cadet – real name Blaine Cameron Johnson – died in a car accident on February 9 aged 28.

The UK musician was the cousin of rap star Krept, and collaborated with Deno on hit track 'Advice'. He also featured on 'Pumpy' alongside Da Beatfreakz, AJ and Swarmz.

John Haynes

John Haynes

Motoring legend John Haynes – creator of the famous Haynes Manual car repair books – died on February 8, aged 80.

He was known across the world because of the extraordinary success of his books which were bought by a staggering 200 million people.

His family paid tribute Haynes saying he will be “missed enormously”.

The first Haynes Manual, for the Austin Healey Sprite, was published in 1966, and the first print run of 3,000 sold out in less than three months.

Albert Finney

Albert Finney appeared in a number of films

Actor Albert Finney died on February 7 aged 82.

The British star was nominated for five Academy Awards during a career that spanned nearly 50 years.

Finney had notable roles in Erin Brockovich, Murder on the Orient Express, Annie and Scrooge, as well as appearing in spy thrillers The Bourne Ultimatum, The Bourne Legacy and Skyfall.

Kristoff St John

Kristoff St. John

Young And The Restless star Kristoff St John died on February 3 at the age of 52.

Kristoff played Neil Winters on the soap since 1991 and won nine Daytime Emmy Award nominations for his role.


Detsl was credited with making some of the first Russian-language hip hop records

Russian rapper Detsl died on February 3 aged 35 following a suspected heart attack.

The hip hop artist, real name Kirill Aleksandrovich Tolmatsky, passed away shortly after performing a gig in the city of Izhevsk.

Detsl was considered to be a pioneer of Russian hip hop and won various awards including the International Viewer's Choice Award for MTV Russia at the VMAs in 2000.

Neal James

Neal James was the star of Animal Planet show Call of the Wildman

Actor and musician Neal James died on February 1 aged 55. He passed away from natural causes.

Known as 'Banjo Man', Neal was the star of TV show Call of the Wildman which ran between 2011 and 2014 on the Animal Planet documentary channel.

Clive Swift

Clive Swift was one of the stars of BBC show Keeping up Apperearances

Actor Clive Swift died on February 1 aged 82.

Swift was most well known for playing Richard Bucket, the long suffering husband of Hyacinth from hit 90s BBC sitcom Keeping Up Appearances. He also had roles in Inspector Morse, Peak Practice, Heartbeat and Hustle, as well as two appearances in Doctor Who.

Jeremy Hardy

Jeremy Hardy

Comedian Jeremy Hardy died on Feb 1, aged 57, after battling cancer.

The Blackadder Goes Forth and Mock the Week star, who was a good friend of Jeremy Corbyn, won the coveted Perrier Award in 1988 and best live act at the ITV Comedy Awards in 1991.


Dick Miller

Dick Miller had a memorable role in classic movie Gremlins

Actor Dick Miller died on January 30 aged 90. The star was most famous for his role in 1984 horror comedy Gremlins as Murray Futterman. Miller also appeared in The Terminator, The Burbs and Fame.

His debut role was in Roger Corman's 1959 movie A Bucket of Blood, with his career spanning over 60 years and more than 100 screen appearances.

James Ingram

James Ingram was a double Grammy Award winner

R&B singer James Ingram died on January 29 aged 66 following a battle with brain cancer.

Best known for his 1980s hits like Baby Come To Me, a duet with Patti Austin, and Somewhere Out There, a duet with Linda Rondstadt, James won two Grammys during his career (for Yah Mo Be There and then for 100 Ways) and was nominated another 12 times.

Michel Legrand

French composer Michel Legrand died on January 26 aged 86.

The Academy Award winner earned 3 Oscars over the course of a career spanning more than 50 years. His first was in 1969 for The Windmills of Your Mind, which featured on the soundtrack to The Thomas Crown Affair. In 1971 he won Best Original Score for Summer of '42, and again in 1983 for Yentl.

Windsor Davies

Windsor Davies (left) and Jack Douglas appeared together in 'Carry On Behind'

Actor Windsor Davies died on January 17 aged 88.

The star was most famous for his role in BBC sitcom It Ain't Half Hot Mum as Battery Sergeant Major Williams, and he also spent a decade playing Oliver Smallbridge in ITV comedy Never the Twain.

Davies appeared in a number of films including Carry on Behind and Carry On England.

Carol Channing

Carol Channing

Legendary Broadway actress Carol Channing died on January 15, aged 97.

The Hello, Dolly star died of natural causes, her publicist revealed in a statement.

B Harlan Boll told Broadway World : "It is with extreme heartache, that I have to announce the passing of an original Industry Pioneer, Legend and Icon – Miss Carol Channing.

"I admired her before I met her, and have loved her since the day she stepped … or fell rather … into my life. It is so very hard to see the final curtain lower on a woman who has been a daily part of my life for more than a third of it."

Jo Andres

NEW YORK, NY – JULY 24: Jo Andres and Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi's wife Jo Andres died aged 65.

The Reservoir Dogs star's partner of 30 years passed away surrounded by friends and family in New York in early January.

The filmmaker's cause of death has not been made public, but he "was spotted lifting a wicker casket out of the house," on Wednesday, according to Radar Online.

Steve is said to have headed to the funeral home with a police escort in tow, with the website adding that "the company that handled the funeral arrangements caters toward those looking for natural burial."

Firefighters from the New York Ladder Company he volunteered at during 9/11 were also spotted outside his house in Brooklyn that day.

Kevin Fret

Kevin Trap was killed aged 24

Trap performer Kevin Fret died on January 10 aged 24 after being shot in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The Latin musician was a campaigner for gay rights, and made his breakthrough in 2018 with track Soy Asi.

Dianne Oxberry

Dianne Oxberry presented the weather on BBC's North West Tonight for over 20 years

BBC TV and radio presenter Dianne Oxberry died on January 10 aged 51 following a short illness. Dianne present the weather forecast on regional news programme North West Tonight for over 20 years.

She started her broadcasting career on Radio 1 in London as the station's first dedicated weather presenter.

Darius Perkins

Darius Perkins (left) with on-screen brother Paul Robinson, played by Stefan Dennis

Neighbours star Darius Perkins died from cancer on Jan 2, aged 54.

The Australian actor played the original Scott Robinson in the long running soap when it launched in 1985, before being replaced by Jason Donovan.

Darius appeared in numerous Australian dramas including Home and Away, A Country Practice and The Sullivans.

Bob Einstein

Bob Einstein

Bob Einstein died on January 2 at the age of 76, after being diagnosed with cancer.

The Emmy Award winning star was best known for starring in US sitcoms Curb Your Enthusiasm and Arrested Development.

News of his death was announced by his brother Albert Brooks, who described Einstein as a "great brother, father and husband" and a "brilliantly funny man".

Gene Okerlund

Gene Okerlund

WWE Hall of Famer "Mean" Gene Okerlund passed away on January 2, aged 76.

Described by the WWE as "the most recognizable interviewer in sports-entertainment history", the legendary microphone king from Sisseton, South Dakota appeared alongside the industry's greatest stars in a career spanning decades.

He was forever immortalised by his work with Hulk Hogan, who would often begin interviews by saying: "Well let me tell you something Mean Gene…"

The former radio DJ even wrestled on the odd occasion – famously pinning Mr. Fuji in a tag team match with former world champion Hogan in 1984 – and The Hulkster himself had the honour of inducting "Mean Gene" into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006.

Dean Ford

Marmalade were from the east end of Glasgow

Dean Ford, the lead singer of pop band Marmalade, died on January 1 at the age of 72.

Scottish group Marmalade were best known for reaching number one in 1969 with a cover of The Beatles' Ob-la-di Ob-la-da.

Their version – which saw them make history as the first ever Scottish group to top the UK chart – led to the band celebrating appearing on Top of the Pops by turning up in kilts.

The news was announced by his daughter on Facebook , who described her father as "an amazing man, a gentle soul and extremely talented musician".