She was the Love Actually child star who set up the school narrative audience with her stunning display of Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You when Hugh Grant's Prime Minister Martine McCutcheon kissed backstage.

It's one of the most memorable scenes in one of Britain's most popular rom-coms. Even 16 years after the release of the film, it seems inevitable that X Factor: celebrity contestant Olivia Olson hears shouts to sing the festive number on the show.

The 27-year-old singer participates in the new and re-launched British version of the series, along with other famous faces such as Ricki Lake, Martin Bashir, Hayley Hasselhoff and a group of Love Islanders.

Olivia Olson and Thomas Sangster

November 6, 2003
Olson and Thomas Sangster in 2003. Sangster played the little boy who had a crush on Olson's character

But if she makes it closer to December's later shows, anyone might be disappointed hoping to hear the famous Carey Christmas song she became known for.

Olson told Sky News at the start of the show on the red carpet before the first show on Saturday: "You know, I do not know if she allows people to sing that song.

"I went to Love Actually, the LA musical when they had it, and I was so stunned that they did not sing the song, all the while I was waiting to see the little girl who would do it."

Olson said she was later told that the show had been said, "You can not use the song".

"So I do not know if I'm legally capable of that," she said.

Is not Mariah a fan of Love Actually? That can not be. After all, she loves Christmas.

Sky News contacted representatives of the singer to find out.

Meanwhile, Olson, who released a solo album last year, said she had made some films for X Factor: Celebrity at one of the "legendary" Love Actually venues and she knows how great the success of Rom-Com is still the United Kingdom ,

"The people who live there said tourists come by every day and knock on the door to try taking pictures of their house, it's crazy."

X-Factor: Celebrity begins on October 12th