Celtics-Magic game postponed

The NBA is headed for a possible collapse of the season if the necessary cards are not put on the matter urgently. The numerous absences in recent weeks due to security protocols due to COVID-19 have forced the organization to postpone several games. A situation that could not have just begun.

For now, the league has announced that Wednesday’s game between the Boston Celtics and the Orlando Magic has been postponed. Of the five games that have not been played, three have directly affected the Massachusetts franchise. The Celtics don’t have the eight-player minimum required due to coronavirus testing and contact tracing.

Both teams will also meet this Friday. The status of this party is still unclear, according to journalist Adrian Wojnarowski. The roster are in short supply due to contact tracing, injuries are piling up, health workers are overwhelmed, and things will not be any easier if drastic and blunt measures are not taken.

For now, the NBA and the NBPA have met today to make further adjustments to the protocols in order to put a stop to this situation. All resolutions taken will be announced throughout the day. At the moment, everything indicates that they will include a strict use of the masks, less interaction between the players and a very strict visiting regime.

(Cover photo by Kim Klement-Pool / Getty Images)

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