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Central Bedfordshire Council

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There are plans for up to four villages and a commercial estate west of Marston Moretaine, north of Lidlington and east of Brogborough

A local plan that saw 20,000 homes built in Bedfordshire over the next 20 years was approved.

The Central Bedfordshire Council supported developments that allowed up to four new villages to be built at Marston Vale.

Nigel Young, Conservative Executive Council member for Regeneration at the Council, said 73% of the 6,275 responses were against.

The plans will now be presented to the Secretary of State in the next few days.

This includes up to 5,000 homes in Marston Vale, 1,500 homes east of Biggleswade, the expansion of some 4,000 homes in the north of Luton, 2,000 homes in the Arlesey region, and other homes in existing towns and villages.

Mr. Young said, "We were keen to create this local plan with the residents and listen to their feedback through a series of engagements and consultations.

"We believe that we now have a robust, thoughtful and well-comprehensible plan that will be subject to public scrutiny."

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At Marston Vale, near villages like Lidlington, 5,000 new homes could be built

Commenting on the plan, Beki Gaskin of the Lidlington Action Group said: "We are saddened, but not surprised, that despite large opposition from the people of Central Bedfordshire, the Council has decided to approve the local plan.

"We will continue to oppose the over-development of Marston Vale and promote workable alternative locations."

The plans were approved by the General Assembly on Thursday evening.