Cesc and the player with Madrid or Barcelona in their DNA

The story of Jack Wilshere is that of an unfinished producer when everything indicated that he would become the final product. Injuries have been the main culprits for his fall. When he was only a teenager, the former Arsenal project shared midfield with a Cesc Fabregas who led the offensive gunner. Now 28, he is in search of a team after failing to revitalize his career after emerging from the heat of the Emirates. West Ham has been, so far, his last adventure and one of the players who saw him flourish, the aforementioned Cesc, now in the ranks of Monaco, has spoken of him.

“Jack was incredibly talented, one of the most talented players I have ever played with”, the Spanish midfielder tells Daily Mail. “He was only 16 when he came to train for the first time with us and I was like: ‘Wow, this guy is good, strong and fit.’ It’s a great shame what happened to him. Sorry because I could have been a legend in English football “, continues that of Monaco.

Madrid, Barça, Bale and Ramsey

“We always talked about how British players would adapt to European teams. I always believed that Jack was one of the few Englishmen who could have had a great impact on Real Madrid or Barcelona. Same as Aaron Ramsey and Gareth BaleThese guys were so talented that without injuries they could have done much more, “he adds. The now Tottenham player, despite these slipped physical problems, has had a magnificent career, although, as Cesc warns, we don’t know how far he would have Ramsey, for his part, is part of Pirlo’s new Juventus midfield rotation. He has established himself in the elite, but the ‘what if’ also accompanies him when talking about his career.

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Chelsea, candidate; Arteta, the right person

In addition, he also analyzed the present of two of his exes, Chelsea and Arsenal. Regarding the whole blue: “I really like the team. They have added a lot of quality, speed and creativity, something that was needed. They have also added the leadership of Thiago Silva. They should choose to win the league this season because I think they have the best team alongside Liverpool and Manchester City. “

Photo of Cesc

While for the team in which he became a man he also has kind words: “(Arsenal) has a new project, I think what Mikel (Arteta) is doing is beautiful. The players are fascinated by the way in which the training came and changed, the methodology, how he prepares the matches … It makes it easier for the team, to understand how to defend or attack. I like his ideas, everything I’m hearing is positive, “he concluded.

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