CF Motril B, with players of eleven nationalities, debuted in the Tercera Andaluza – Deportes Motril

As a complement to the first team of CF Motril, the entity chaired by Manuel García Albarral put its subsidiary group in competition last weekend, under the name of CF Motril B International, and which, led by José Miguel Peña Lozano from Motril, will serve in the Third Andalusian Senior Division.

The squad is made up of around thirty components, distributed among eleven nationalities, including seven players born on the Costa Tropical. The local athletes are Víctor de la Rosa, Gálvez and Hermes, from the Sexitana Youth; Francis and Raúl Aguirre, who arrives from CF Motril youth; Pepe Rascón, from Puntalón; and Migue Ángel Campoy, from Calahonda Carchuna.

The list of foreigners is completed by the Guatemalan Diego Navas, Javier Carrillo and Marco Rosales; the Mexicans Guille Camacho, Jorge Carrillo and Israel Hernández; the Africans Hazard, Mohamed and Belemwidi; the Americans Andrew Meza, Christopher Arellano, Bryan Vartanoz, Javier Jiménez, Jason Teixeira, Antonio Carreon and Rosendo Pina; the Canadian Keiti; the Swiss Marco Santangelo; the Paraguayan Lucas Augusto; the Norwegian Alexander Hesselberg; the Colombian Sebastián Velásquez; and the Algerian Medjadj Bouchentouf.

Thirteen teams started on the starting grid. Along with the two subsidiary teams of CF Motril and Almuñécar City, and after the withdrawal at the last minute of Deportivo Comarcal, there are the teams of Maracena B, Club Deportivo Base, Graena, Céltic de Pulianas B, Atletismo Padul B, Fuente Vaqueros, Jayena, Alhameña, Vegas del Genil Atlético, Imperio de Albolote and Club Atlético Nacional.

CF Motril B and City C will face each other on February 14, 2021, the first leg will be in the Motril town on matchday 12; and on May 30, in the 25th and penultimate of the league, on the Almuñequero pitch. On the last date, scheduled for June 6, 2021, Motril B will face Jayena and Almuñécar City C will play at home against the also new Imperio de Albolote.

On the first day, CF Motril B traveled to the Antonio Ballesteros de Pulianas municipal field where they lost 2-1 to the Céltic subsidiary, the Motril goal was certified by Moha. In the case of Almuñécar City C he made his home debut against Graena, both Angelo’s almuñequero only served to make up the 1-2 defeat.

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