CHA requests the construction of the storm tank and the rest of the investments planned in the Tío Jorge park


The president of CHA-Zaragoza, Chuaquín Bernal, has regretted the decision of the municipal government PP-Cs to delay the construction of a storm tank in the Tío Jorge park of the Aragonese capital, near Valle de Broto street, and the consequent change of the pluvial and wastewater pipes planned to improve the water discharge service of this place.

“It is a claim that is as necessary as it is historical by the residents of the Suburb,” said Bernal, who recalled that there is a project and a timetable with the actions. “We cannot allow the serious conditions that are generated every time a storm falls, nor can it continue to deteriorate in this way.”

It has also evidenced the “double standards” of the PP: “In 2018 it was his municipal group, then in opposition, which demanded this infrastructure in the Urban Planning and Sustainability Commission, accompanied by the Park’s Master Plan, and now they leave it in the gutter “, adding,” what for Jorge Azcón were large damages in 2018, in 2020 it seems that they are not so much anymore “.

The president of CHA-Zaragoza has explained that it is urgent to reactivate this project, but it is also necessary to implement the Master Plan of the Tío Jorge park to solve the needs of this “so visited” space, “with measures such as the adequacy of the space for activities specific, the planting of trees, repair of the perimeter wall, improvement of lighting, improvements to the lawn, services, adaptation of roads and signage “.

Bernal has criticized the “neglect” of PP and Cs towards this green area of ​​the city, “even eliminating from the Budget the item of 200,000 euros for the execution of the planned Master Plan”, and has demanded its inclusion in the Budget for 2021.

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