Chair UK Armchair Antique Petit Point 1-seat Princess Rococo Shabby Country Beauty Salon UK Shabby Chic Rococo Chair Fashionable Chair Interior Furniture Romantic Armrest Armrest Repro B 60 * 60 * 80

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Rococo style armchair red leather (genuine leather with some PVC)
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In France, it is also known as Foutuille.
Continues to attract antique fans for many years
Rococo armchair
Reprinted by the neat manual work of craftsmen
It is a discerning reproduct
A number of floating sculptures unique to the Rococo style
Sophisticated form created by handicrafts that cannot be mechanized
It is an authentic school that completely reproduced the Louis XV style.
Cost performance that can be realized because it is manufactured in-house
One of the attractions
In addition, our shop is staffed with antique knowledge and experience.
We deliver products under strict quality control
It is a popular series that is widely favored by beauty salons and apparel.
Please consider this opportunity.

Hime furniture specialty store Scredufille
A store specializing in antique furniture that handles reproductive products made from new products by faithfully reproducing European antique furniture in every detail.
Kansai has a physical store in Kyoto.
A wealth of furniture, also known as the cabriolet leg, which is indispensable for romantic princess interiors.
We handle a wide range of furniture, not only Hime furniture, but also British-style furniture.
European-style furniture (French, British, French, Italian, British, British, French, European) adds an elegant touch to the interior.
◇ Items handled
Antique style sofa
(British style one person / antique style one person / compact one person / Chesterfield one person one person / living alone single sofa / Scandinavian single sofa / designer 1 seater / fashionable shabby chic 1p sofa / gorgeous French two person couch sofa / Lococo style two-seater / white antique style two-seat couch sofa / princess romantic two-seater / finished product two-seater / compact love sofa / retro love sofa / salt-based interior two-seater / mid-century 2p sofa / antique sofa three-seater Gake / Rococo style cat leg three-seater / shabby antique three-seater / white three-seater sofa / Chesterfield sofa three-seater / triple sofa / Europe triple sofa / denim sofa 3-seater / denim sofa 3p large / sofa set / luxury Corner sofa)
Storage furniture
(Completed chest / wooden bookshelf / bookshelf / shelf / decorative shelf / cabinet / tank / TV board / TV stand / sideboard / living storage / sideboard / living board / Scandinavian low board / country storage shelf / display rack / wall storage / Antique cupboard / rack)
Cashier counters, store fixtures, showcases
(Counter table / bar counter / cash register / reception counter collection board / made / decorative shelf glass / white cabinet / display / store / natural wood accessory case / figurine collection case / glass shelf / glass / glass case / magazine rack / magazine storage / Photo frame)
(Antique style stand mirror / Antique style wall mirror / Wall hanging / Large size / Hair dressing bend / Cut surface mirror)
lighting equipment
(Living Ceiling Electric / Dining Gorgeous Chandelier / Toilet 3 Lights Mini Chandelier Entrance 1 Light Lighting)
In addition, we have a large number of chairs, stools, tables, dressers, etc.

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