Forward CSKA Fedor Chalov answered questions about his future at the army club and the possibility of leaving for the submarine.

“There was an opportunity to leave for England. CSKA received an official offer, but something didn’t work out at the last moment. Willing to leave? Yes, it was. I’m happy in CSKA, but in my dreams there has always been a desire to play abroad, in England. Still, one of the best championships in the world, if not the best.

Chelsea In childhood, this team was impressed. With age, children's love falls. Now I don’t root for anyone specifically in the Premier League. I think that even in the last places there are clubs of a very high level, with a strong selection of performers. When playing at the training camp with “Newcastle”, it was immediately clear: the top team.

Am I nervous? I tried to perceive the situation philosophically: whatever happens. If this chance was not used, then it will be different, later. For me, this is an incentive to work further, to improve, so that not only Crystal Palace will pay attention, but also some of the top clubs, "said Chalov.

Recall that in the last days of the English transfer window, Palace made an offer to purchase a Russian for 25 million euros, but CSKA demanded 30 million.

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