Champions League would no longer be seen on Fox Sports or ESPN in Mexico

Summer usually brings many changes in football: Players who change teams, coaches who come to clubs looking for a new project and even television networks or transmission channels that announce that they have acquired the rights to major competitions … Well, that will be the case in this 2021.

It turns out that the Champions League would no longer be broadcast in Mexico by Fox Sports e ESPN, which had become the official channels to be able to follow the matches of the most important club tournament in the world. And that will happen from the summer, that is, for the 2021-22 season.

Which chain of transmission rights will remain then? This is Warner Media, which belongs to AT&T and which, by June of this year, will also launch its new platform for streaming HBO Max, which will replace HBO Go, and which will be not only in Mexico but more than 30 countries in Latin America.

And as part of the offer that they want to give to their current users and to those who want to acquire, there would be the Champions League matches for the following season, which would be a coup of authority in this new project that will start in our country.

In Mexico, Warner Media has channels such as Cartoon Network, Space, CNN, Warner Channel, Cinemax, HBO and TNT. In fact, in Space boxing functions and NBA games are broadcast, experience in sporting events that they will now implement with the best football at club level.

So the end of this campaign, on May 29, would be the last game to air on ESPN and Fox Sports after many years of having this premium product of world soccer. It would also be the last time the narratives of Fernando Palomo or Ricardo Murguía are heard, or the final occasion in which controversy will be generated by the comments of Marion Reimers or Mario Kempes.

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This change in soccer will undoubtedly move the industry in Mexico and Latin America.

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