Check out the trendy coats of the ‘royals’ to survive the winter with style

This 2021 began with a historical storm after which it arrived a wave of cold that drives us crazy when it comes to dressing, and it can be difficult to choose a very warm look without giving up the latest trends. If you are looking for inspiration in the face of these days of very low temperatures, why not look at the royals more stylish european? Kate Middleton, Mrs. Letizia, Máxima from Holland … each opts for a trend with which she feels comfortable and remains true to her essence. We review your most successful choices, which show that you can fight the cold without sacrificing elegance.

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Sofia from Sweden Last October, she hid her maternity tummy with a straight-cut plaid coat with lapels. This design, which became the absolute protagonist the day the Princess wore it, is made of a fabric in gray and orange tones. Curiously, it is not the only one that has this pattern, and it seems to have become his favorite for the cold months.

– Sofia from Sweden connects with Paula Echevarría after announcing her pregnancy


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