Checkers game in ‘The crown’, by Màrius Carol

The duel of the first chapter of the fourth season of The crown between Elizabeth II (Olivia Colman) and Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) promises great moments on Netflix. The relationship between the two women sparked rivers of ink at the time, which the screenwriter sums up in an ironic phrase, almost as macho as it is inconsiderate, attributed to Denis (Stephen Boxer), the prime minister’s husband: “Two menopausal women, one path of roses ”. In any case, for machismo, that of the two ladies, because when Thatcher arrives at Buckingham Palace to be commissioned to form a government, the queen suggests a game that she had played before with her predecessors: to guess the name of her ministers. Isabel II almost made a plenary session and told him that she was sure that she would not put any woman in the Executive, to which her interlocutor replied: “It is that women are too emotional.”

Kitty Kelley counts on Los Windsor that Elizabeth II’s relations with Thatcher were always polite and cordial, but without the warmth of her friendship with Winston Churchill and Harold Wilson, “a problem that was partly due to the queen’s preference for men.” “He considered the inferiority of women to be something natural,” said Canadian historian David Cannadine. Another biographer, Dean Palmer, author of The Queen and Mrs Thatcher: an inconvenient relationship, considers that there was no chemistry and even the queen scoffed at the prime minister’s over-acted accent. True or not, the work provides data on political discrepancies on key issues such as Thatcher’s refusal to impose sanctions on the racist South African regime, the harshness used in the mining strike or the authorization of US planes to bomb Libya using British bases. . In spite of everything, at the end of her mandate, the queen granted the order of the Garter to her prime minister, an honor reserved to very few. All that awaits turn in the next episodes of The crown .

Elizabeth II hit Thatcher that she would not put any women in her government

In any case, in the current government of Boris Johnson there are women occupying portfolios, but few: only six of 23. The machismo of the prime minister is Thatcherian. Only he could have come up with this phrase during the election campaign: “If you vote for the Conservative Party, it is much more likely that your wife’s breasts will grow and that you can finally buy a BMW M3.” Hopefully the BBC will come up with an epilogue with Johnson.

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