Checking in with the cast of Halloweentown 22 years later.

“Being normal is grossly overrated.”

Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds uttered exactly these words when she played the grandmother witch Agatha “Aggie” Cromwell in the 1998 Disney Channel original film Halloweentown. In the TV movie, 13-year-old Marnie Piper (Kimberly J. Brown) learns she is a witch and travels to another world to help Grandma Aggie (Reynolds) fight an unknown culprit.

After its debut on Disney Channel on October 17, 1998, Halloweentown inspired three follow-up films: Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge, Halloweentown High and Return to Halloweentown. (Though die-hard fans won’t acknowledge the fourth film due to Marnie’s rewrite. We promise it’s not a personal Sara Paxton.)

Regardless, it’s safe to say that Halloweentown and its follow-up films have become a staple of the horror season. However, since it has been 22 years since Halloweentown premiered, we have to wonder what the Cromwell Piper clan are up to these days.

Luckily we did a bit of digging and have magical updates for all of your favorite witches, goblins and warlocks.

For example, did you know that a love game was made thanks to Halloweentown? Yes, one of our leading actors reconnected with a co-star years after filming began. Not to mention, you’ll never guess who is married and mom now.

In honor of Halloweentown’s 22nd anniversary, we’re taking a look back at the cast then and giving an update on what they’ve been up to so far.

Before you dive in, think about the movie’s mantra, “Halloween is cool.”

Then: Before taking on her role in Halloweentown, Kimberly J. Brown was successful as a child model and in the soap opera Guiding Light, which earned her a Daytime Emmy nomination. However, Kimberly is still best known for playing 13-year-old witch Marnie Piper alongside film legend Debbie Reynolds in Disney Channel’s Halloweentown.

Brown portrayed Marnie in three of the four Halloweentown films, including Halloweentown, Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge, and Halloweentown High.

Now: After her success in the Halloweentown films, Kimberly kept starring and starring roles in Be Cool, Low Winter Sun and other projects. According to the IMDB page, Kimberly is currently in preproduction for a thriller called Abudcted ?, which co-starred Billy Ray Cyrus.

Not to mention, after getting their BS in Business, Kimberly and a friend opened an Etsy shop that sells goods with a focus on Halloweentown. Oh, and let’s not forget the children’s book she wrote with Diane Yslas called Poppins Pumpkin Patch Parade.

As for your personal life? Kimberly is currently dating Daniel Kountz, the co-star of Halloweentown II.

Then, when Debbie Reynolds took on the role of Agatha Cromwell in Halloweentown, she was already a Hollywood legend. She starred in three of the Halloweentown films and made a cameo in the fourth entitled Return to Halloweentown.

Debbie’s breakout role was in the 1952 musical film Singin ‘in the Rain. She has had a successful career on stage, big and small screens, and received multiple Golden Globe nominations, an Oscar nomination, and a Tony nomination.

Debbie received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the 2015 Academy Awards.

She was famously married to singer Eddie Fisher, but they divorced after his affair with Elizabeth Taylor. Debbie and Eddie had two children together, Star Wars’ Carrie Fisher and Todd Fisher.

Now: Debbie died on December 28, 2016, aged 84, just the day after daughter Carrie died of cardiac arrest. The autopsy of the acting legend determined that intracerebral hemorrhage was the cause of death.

“She was with Carrie. In fact, those were the last words she said this morning, ”shared son Todd E! News at the time. “More specifically, she said she was really under a lot of stress.”

Todd continued, “She has obviously been holding it together wonderfully for the past few days, but she was through the loss [von Carrie] very emotional and stressed out and that’s pretty much what started this event. “

Some of Carrie’s ashes were buried next to Debbie’s grave in the Hollywood Hills.

Then: Before Judith Hoag appeared in Halloweentown as Gwen Cromwell Piper, she was best known for her roles in the 1990 films Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Cadillac Man. Not to mention, she has had multiple TV roles on her resume including Wolf, Roseanne, Melrose Place, and countless others.

She starred in all four Halloweentown films.

Now: After Halloweentown, Judith continued her successful television career. In addition to playing a recurring role on HBO’s Big Love, she also played a notable role in Nashville, playing Tandy Hampton.

You can recognize Judith by one of her 60+ guest appearances on television, as she has also appeared in The Magicians, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Weeds, Castle, Criminal Minds, The Middle, and many others.

She also appeared in the 2018 romantic drama with Alex Roe and Jessica Rothe, Forever My Girl.

Judith has since divorced husband V.

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