Chelsea 2×1 with Florentino on the hook, Lampard does not trust a hair

Although Chelsea have started the season in an exceptional way and the expectations set by Román Abramovich in the past summer market are on the way to being fulfilled, Frank Lampard has asked the Russian tycoon for the arrival of a game creator to remedy the few shortcomings that the squad is showing in this first stretch of the season. Declan Rice is the name indicated by the British technician. The footballer of West Ham United He signed an extraordinary campaign last year and was one of the protagonists of the club’s salvation, which this year seems to have raised its head and has started the domestic competition better.

The footballer already played for a season in the group blue during the youth category. Knowing that he is performing in a more noticeable way than his colleagues are doing, he wants to take a quality leap in his career, since At 21, he has become one of the world’s greatest promises.

Last summer he was highly valued by the greatest European giants, but the London team did everything possible to retain him. Although he is a very young footballer, it would cost Chelsea about £ 60 million, an amount that he currently does not have but that could be left in the club’s coffers by the two players that Lampard has sentenced in these months: Marcos Alonso and Antonio Rüdiger.

The player trained in the Real Madrid quarry has totally lost his place since the arrival of Ben Chilwell and he will have to get away from London if he wants to continue his career in a rewarding way for him. Various Serie A teams (Naples, Rome and Inter Milan) They have shown great interest in signing him in the last market and he could land in some of them in the next month of January. For his part, the prodigious German center-back has plummeted in recent seasons and, despite having led the rear for a long time, his impact has completely faded.

On the other hand, Florentino Pérez has already made a threat to go after Rice in the last summer markethim, but the meringue coffers were so depleted that the president could not reach the 60 kilos necessary for his signing. Now Lampard is willing to do the rest for the West Ham player, who could change his destination and travel to the other end of London to take the helm of the Chelsea game: effect hit to Klopp and Guardiola.

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