The Chelsea hero Didier Drogba took a selfie with Kylian Mbappe tonight at the Ballon d'Or ceremony in Paris after refusing to do so 10 years ago when the boy was a ball boy. And now blues fans are convinced that the Frenchman is going to Stamford Bridge.

Mbappe made some attempts with Chelsea when he was younger, and worked a few times as a ball boy at Stamford Bridge, including during the controversial Champions League semi-final with Barcelona in 2009.

Referee Thomas Henning-Overbo showed a formidable performance this evening, scoring several penalties against Chelsea before Andres Iniesta's time-lapse sent Barca into the final instead of Chelsea.

After the game, Drogba repeatedly tried to get to Overbo before turning to the camera and "It's a shame!" Cried.

And Drogba, according to his version of events, refused a selfie from a 10-year-old Mbappe because of his anger at the time.

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And finally, he tweeted: "Didier Drogba finally gave Mbappe his autograph. I hope he can tell him that the Chelsea fans love him # BallonDor2019. "

Chelsea are currently banning FIFA from two windows, which means they will not be able to sign players until the summer.