Cheryl floats awkwardly with Curtis Pritchard with Love Island’s “text” line

Cheryl awkwardly flirted with Curtis Pritchard in The Greatest Dancer after recent speculation that the couple was approaching.

The mother of one, 36 years old, was seen talking to the professional dancer in the show hall where she approaches and embraces him.

Curtis greeted Cheryl with: “You are absolutely fantastic”, while replying: “Thanks baby”.

After greeting, she stands with one leg facing the other while chatting with the sexy dancer in a sexy pose.

She said to him, “I wanted to have some stuff around – it’s nice here isn’t it? It has a new reception.”

Cheryl says “I have a message” out of nowhere while the receptionist was flushed

He was flirting with the hunky dancer while on the set

The couple talks about how he is finding the show before Cheryl awkwardly shouts, “I have a message!”

Curtis laughs and ends the sentence with: “Message!” first he adds with a cheeky smile: “I won’t do it again, I promise.”

The 23-year-old dancer replied, “Okay, you can do it,” with a smile as he holds out his hand.

One of the contestants was shocked by their flirtation match

He is in a sexy pose while talking to the 23 year old

Recently some friends of Cheryl claim to be flattered by the speculation that she and Curtis were approaching, after sharing her shots on the set.

A photo of him posing seductively in a trench coat while leaning against the wall – while he looked out of his dressing room – bore the caption: “Oh hello, Curtis, I don’t mind.”

The singer couldn’t stop smiling

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Choices of the Showbiz editor

He had flirtatiously replied, “I couldn’t resist the photographic bombardment of your photo 10 out of 10, x” – and fans immediately flocked to point out that Maura could get the wrong side of the stick.

But despite speculation, Curtis is happily paired with Maura Higgins after the couple meet on Love Island.

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