These are the latest planning proposals in your area to be made in front of the councilors of Cheshire West and Chester, Cheshire East, Warrington and Halton.

These requests are reviewed by planning authorities throughout Cheshire and either approved, rejected or deferred for information and clarity.

This may be an extension of your neighbor's property or a new school in your area.

Complete lists can be found on the planning websites of the councils.

A garden village, nearly 300,000 square feet of new workspace, housing improvements, the loss of a pub, and a new Sea Cadets headquarters are among the planning applications submitted to the Cheshire Councils.


Alsager : Wainhomes North West has filed another application for plans for up to 335 units and access to Lawton Road and Linley Lane.

ASTON BY BUDWORTH At Aston Park House, Budworth Road, Miss V Motlova is requesting a building permit and one-storey extension of a barn with minor internal modifications to create a modernized residential property.

ASTON JUXTA MONDRUM : 45 Station Road has requested prior approval for a proposed one-story tail and side extension for CG Major.

Bickerton At Bickerton Hall, Bickerton Hall Road, an agricultural workers' housing could be built, including the demolition of an agricultural building that had previously been approved for conversion when plans were made for Mr. Studley.

Bollington : Plans to demolish the Sea Cadet building and build a replacement building at Bollington Wharf Marina, Grimshaw Lane, have been resubmitted. The request was made by John Judson on behalf of Bollington and Macclesfield Sea Cadets.

Bosley : Halton Farms, Tom and Karen Halton, have proposed building a ménage, three stables and a stable / fodder area ashore at Hollyfields Barn, Stiles Meadow.

Brereton : At Illidge Green Farm on Davenport Lane, Mark Pickford suggests transforming a pool house into a home and converting a barn into vacation homes. Mr. Pickford is also working to convert a stable building into a residential building.

Burland : Mr. and Mrs. Harper, The Old Windmill, Ravens Lane have requested the building permit and the building permit for a planned extension and modification.

Chelford : A non-material change is proposed at the Chelford Agricultural Center, Station Road, where BDW North West has granted approval for a mixed-use residential complex comprising 89 residential buildings and 140 square meters of commercial space as well as landscaping. Access points from Dixon Drive, parking, acoustic fence and associated infrastructure.

CHURCH LAWTON An application to 9 Lawton Heath Road could see a proposed replacement roof for Ms. Davidson.

CONGLETON : At the Railway Hotel, 4 Biddulph Road, Edinburgh, the Star Pubs and Bars offer a new dining and play area at the back. Your application, for which a building permit and a building inspection approval is requested, includes the exterior and the interior renovation.

KRANAGE Mr. Pochin, Garden Cottage, New Platt Lane, has come up with plans to remodel and extend an outbuilding to create additional living space.

CREWE : Mr. S. Noble, 33 Ullswater Avenue, has filed an application for conversion of a garage into new living space.

CREWE Mr. M. Stockton, 10 Coppenhall Lane, proposes a one-story extension to the rear of the property with a flat roof with built-in roof lights, a loft conversion for a single room with a skylight to the rear roof pitch and two "Velux" style Inline window for the front roof pitch.

CREWE : In Merlin, Bradfield Road, the former public building could be redeveloped and converted into a new retail store if plans are made for Heron Foods based in East Yorkshire.

FADDILEY : Detailed plans were filed at The Oaks, Wrexham Road, after a building permit was issued. Some points were earmarked for the construction of two freestanding apartments with garages and a modification of the existing driveway for Butler Smith Developments.

Goostrey : In Shearbrook Lane 9, Mr and Mrs Cronin provide a one-story oak-framed extension on the back.

Goostrey : Mr. and Mrs. Kershaw, Blackden Manor, Station Road, have requested a construction permit for an extension of the main house and a renovation and extension of existing outbuildings.

HAND FORTH Alan Sidebotham, Wilmslow Road 189, is requesting an amendment to an approval condition for the development of two freestanding apartments.

HAND FORTH : Engine of the North has filed a hybrid planning application proposing a new mixed-use development for the Garden Village in Handforth east of the A34 and south of the A555. For aspects such as 1,500 flats, employment and a local village center, a permit has been requested. For the works, including the replacement work for the bridge A34, a complete planning was made.

Hankelow Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Bruntwood, Longhill Lane, have applied for a brick single garage and a larger one-story double garage with wooden frames.

JODRELL BANK : The University of Manchester is seeking a demolition decision for four huts at the Observatory, two of which are said to be empty and redundant.

KNUTSFORD : A non-essential change to a building permit for the construction of up to 190 homes, the provision of managed land for allotments, a community orchard, a playing field, landscaping and open spaces, new internal highways, car and bicycle parking and other works will be provided by Michael Blackhurst Proposed land off Northwich Road.

KNUTSFORD : John Draycott, 23 Bexton Road, requested the demolition of a winter garden and the construction of a new one-story extension on the back and the division of the family house in two separate units.

KNUTSFORD : 59 King Street is applying for a building permit to renovate the existing store front, including smaller painting work on glazing frames and new signage for the Nationwide Building Society.

KNUTSFORD : Mr. and Mrs. Andy Jeffery, 17 Comber Way have asked for prior approval to remove a conservatory and build a single-storey extension.

KNUTSFORD : Phil Thewlis, PLT Properties, proposes the construction of three freestanding apartments following the demolition of Fernlea on Stanley Road.

MACCLESFIELD : Around 9 Marigold Close, Malcolm Maginn has applied for permission to demolish a conservatory and to construct back bedroom and front dining room extensions.

MACCLESFIELD Mark Alston, 167, Birtles Road, proposes extensions and modifications to the house and the patio.

MACCLESFIELD : Peter Rooza, 71 Knowsley Road, applies for a certificate of legitimate planned development of a one-story tail extension.

FUNDS WICH : The retention of three apartments in Queen Street 2A, 2B and 2C is proposed by Moira Burgess.

Mobberley : Gary Darby, Barnshaw Farm, Pepper Street, proposes a change to the existing barn, the demolition of a garage and stables, and the construction of a single-storey extension.

Moreton : In historic Little Moreton Hall, Newcastle Road, the National Trust has filed another building permit application to rewire the mansion, including installing new fire alarms, security and lighting. In a change of use, two staff apartments would be part of an exhibition space and a staff office.

MOTTRAM ST ANDREW : The Cheshire Property Partnership (UK) is requesting a building permit for four new homes and the commemorative garden and footpath of the Mottram St. Andrew community in the Collinwood Nurseries on Wilmslow Old Road.

NANTWICH Lea Leah Cottages, Wrinehill Road, seek Lea's approval for the use of a stand-alone garage for ancillary and holiday accommodation from Mr. and Mrs. Hyatt

ABOUT PEOVER : Mr. and Mrs. A and Mr. Whatson, Oaktree Cottage, Free Green Lane have requested changes and an extension of the home including a garage conversion.

Plumley Lynn Milner Eastmoor, Back Lane, proposes a two-storey side extension, a one-story rear extension that fully reflects the entire home, replacement doors and windows, and the associated internal changes.

POYNTON : Another request was made at Clifford Road 74 regarding the demolition of existing structures, to be replaced by four four-bedroom apartments with associated access and landscaping for residential buildings.

POYNTON : Mr D. Whittaker and Ms E. Myers Whittaker have submitted plans to convert Elm Beds Caravan Park, Elm Beds Road, over a garage and to build a one-and-a-half story extension to the side of the home.

POYNTON : Jemma Cummings, Children's Choice Day Nursery at 148 Park Lane, suggests converting a restaurant and living area into a daycare with the construction of a one-story roof-extension connector extension.

RIDLEY : At 5 Ridley Hill Farm on Whitchurch Road, Andrew Dodd has requested approval for a one-story extension of the living and dining room.

SANDBACHDAMM : Further south of Hind Heath Road, another request has been made for a walkway link that has approved proposals for 177 homes owned by Bovis Homes (Mercia).

SANDBACHDAMM : Plans for a pitched roof have been submitted at 15 Fields Drive to replace the flat roof over the front dormer, a one-story front extension, and the associated changes for Robert Edge.

Spurstow : An application has been filed at Springfield Cottage, Long Lane, for a non-essential change to the approval of the construction of a freestanding garage in place of the previously approved replacement stables for Mr. and Mrs. Williams.

Tabley : Prior approval at 7 Holly Grove an Orangerie on the back of the property for Mr and Mrs Wild requested.

WESTON : Jonathon Clarke, 1 Kendal Way, is seeking approval for a garden room, dining room extensions, and a new porch.

WESTON : Julian Gilding, 10 Ashbourne Drive, has filed a request for a single-storey rear and side extension with internal modifications and a modification of the sub-garage.

WILMSLOW Another application for landscaping was by Barratt and David Wilson's Homes North West at Little Stanneylands, Stanneylands Road regarding the full planning for the construction of 174 residential homes, a new roundabout on Stanneylands Road, public open spaces, a pedestrian / cycle path link between Linneys Bridge and the River Dean, a new bridge over the River Dean and related works. The builders also hit

Not material change in development.

WILMSLOW Mr. Elias has filed 44-46 plans at Grove Street to replace the shop floor on the ground floor with a frameless glass system and related work. Changes are also planned for the back of the building, including a new entrance to the first floor and replacement fire doors at the rear.

WOODFORD Mr. and Mrs. E. Thornton-Chan, Grove End Farm, Blossoms Lane, are seeking a prior change in the use of converting an agricultural building into a single dwelling.

Wrenbury : Wrenbury Primary School, Nantwich Road, has filed another application for the approval of a Grade I listed building to create a new reception and conference room for the Headmaster.


CHESTER: Gabriella La Delfa suggests removing a hedge and dropping the curb to reach the freeway at Vicars Cross Road 102.

Cuddington: In Warrington Road 57, Mr and Mrs Braddock and Mr Buczko have submitted a framework application covering all matters relating to two detached two-storey flats with access, parking and landscaping.

Dodleston: Alison Hewitt has requested a certificate of legitimate development of a single-story extension on Boydell Way 9.

HartfordMr. David and Ms. Sandra Riley have requested a certificate of legitimate development of a one-story extension on 17 Parker Avenue.

SMALL NESTON: Gareth Jones has submitted plans to build an ashore on New Street Little Neston.

LOWER CHINNERTONESharon Ratcliffe applies for a two-storey extension and replacement of windows and doors at Heywall House, Kinnerton Road.

Neston: Gary Poole is trying to change a condition for approval at The Beeches, Dunstan Lane.

NORTHWICH: Rachael Gallagher has requested a certificate for the legitimate development of a one-story extension on Sydney Street 20.

NORTHWICH: At Witton Street 121, Mr K Naseer is applying for a banner advertisement in the front view of the first floor building.

Oakmere: Firow Ltd. has filed plans for a side extension of the existing business premises at Firow House, Tarporley Road.

WINSFORD: A retrospective application was filed by Andrew Webster for the use of an office in a children's play center on the 23A Dingle Walk.

WINSFORD: Melanie Horbury requested a variation of an open space condition for a design permit on land opposite the Marton View Farm in Chester Lane.


BIRCH WOOD: David Barrow, 22 Carden Close proposes a one-story front extension.

KATE: In Eaves Farmhouse, S Edwards is applying for a proposed new apartment with changes to existing access to include vehicle gate access.

Grappenhall: Langtree PP and Panattoni have made a major application on land near the J20 of the M6 ​​and the J9 of the M56, known as Six: 56 Warrington, which includes the construction of up to 287,909 m² of usable floor space utilizing the Bradley Hall Farmhouse for offices and work on the M6-J20 dumbbell roundabouts and reorientation of the existing A50 intersection.

Lymm: At 2 Bridge Close, a non-essential change is requested for changes to a bay window by Jayne Simmons.

ORFORD: In Forster Street 168A, Mark Barrett has submitted plans for a change of use from an office to an apartment.

ORFORD: David Stokes, 22 Smith Drive has requested the conversion of a conservatory to a kitchen extension.

ORFORD: At 50 Hallows Avenue, a two-storey side extension was planned for Mr. Albon.

Penketh: Mr. and Mrs. Cooper, New House, Brookside Farm, Farnworth Road have requested a one-story extension to the existing home.


RUNCORN: Bloor Homes North West has applied for permission to advertise four non-illuminated residential roadside curbside signs next to Wharford Lane.

WIDNESBill Griffiths, 35 Gregson Road, is seeking approval for a one-story rear extension.

WIDNES: Co-operative Food has filed an application for approval for illuminated and unlit signs at Co-op Store, 447 Hale Road.

WIDNES: Mr and Mrs L Barber, 11, Vixen Grove, have submitted a request for a certificate of intended legal development of the demolition of an existing conservatory and its replacement by a single-storey rear extension.

WIDNES: Mr. and Mrs. L Sephton, 47 Kemberton Drive, have come up with plans to convert a garage into habitable accommodation.

WIDNES: Rachel Gannon, 117 Lynton Crescent, suggests a one-story tail extension.