Chicharito’s decline is not from now with Galaxy, it comes from behind

It is not his close circle or because Barros Schelotto does not bring him companions; the decline of the Mexican goes back to 2015.

I already saw it coming Chicharito. “Is he beginning of starting to withdraw“he told his father through tears in a recorded call to his own Naked Humans blog that went viral for his feelings and honesty, and that he undressed him as a person. The context corresponded to his departure from Spain to disembark in the Galaxy and the Major League Soccer (MLS).

“No, no, (I mean) we are withdrawing from european dream”Javier corrected on the fly when his father was about to interrupt him. They were early then not yet chaotic 2020.

Close to meeting 32 years, the striker ended a decade-long career in the Old Continent after defending the colors of Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayer Leverkusen, West Ham Y Sevilla.

“It’s not so much that I couldn’t, but saying goodbye to that beautiful part; more because I know that I can, you know? All i want is to play“added the top scorer in the history of the Mexican team with his mom on the other end of the line.

CH14 only wanted minutes that were not granted in La Liga, Europa League The Copa del Rey. I did not know that a circumstance that would paralyze the planet would be crossed in the middle, as decades ago it had not happened since the Second World War: a pandemic.

Not only the coronavirus altered his plans to conquer MLS football and marketing, in addition to substituting goals for Zlatan Ibrahimovic in The Angels. The physical issue didn’t help either.

But, when one of the worst streaks in the history of the winningest team from the United States, and the lowest form in Hernández Balcázar’s career, excuses run out.

When you invest almost 10 million euros in a signing, at most 9 games later they should see results. This has not been the case with the gunner, who adds his lowest performance in a calendar year with a single touchdown.

As of 2015, Javier increasingly decreases his quota of so many at club level. In 2015 he signed 23 with Real Madrid and Leverkusen; 14 in 2016 in Aspirin; 9 in 2017 with Bayer and West Ham: 9 in 2018 with the Hammers; 7 in 2019 between Los Martillos and Sevilla, and now one in 2020 in LA.

Chicharito last 5 years

It is not in the scheme of Guillermo Barros Schelotto nor the setCristian Pavón, Sebastian Lletget and company) suits him. Not even with him pointed at the 4-2-3-1 of the Twin or the 4-3-3 that sometimes improvises. Proof of this is that the nets only shook four times in those 652 ‘that the man from Guadalajara was on the court.

Many attribute the downturn to his ‘distractions’ such as vlogging, relationship with Diego dreyfus or negative decisions of your representative. However, the reasons lie in the grass. In 18 seasons as a professional, Javi has hurt himself 13 times (a low average); the longest, the muscle overload that sidelined him 58 days from the Galaxy. That is, he is not a man characterized by injuries.

His has been a bit of everything: recent years in which he did not have so much continuity; several coaches who didn’t trust him (David Moyes, Louis van Gaal, Carlo Ancelotti, Manuel Pellegrini Y Julen Lopetegui); a change of discourse in his way of being that affected his public perception; and a consequent and gradual disappearance of the National Team, which coincided with the explosion of Raul Jimenez.

The Chicharito thing is not from today, it comes from long ago. His retirement actually looks far away. What is undeniable is that their statistics are not the same because the legs do not hold up to break the misplaced in each strike, the smell is lost as well as the sense of location within the area.

“When you are young, you are always looking for triumphs and being on top. But soccer is like that, we will not be in that same line all our lives. You have reached an age where the most important thing is that you enjoy yourself ”, Javier Hernández Sr. advises his son before hanging up.

The third of the Hernández Balcázar generation has plenty of reasons to enjoy: a wife, a baby, another on the way and, for now, 6 million dollars a year guaranteed by contract.


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