Chilean actress wins award at the UK’s Best Film Awards

Silvia Novak, Chilean film, theater and TV actress, was the winner this weekend of the award for best actress at the London independent film festival “Best Film Awards”.

“Winning these international recognitions, I am not only sorry for my work, I am sorry for teamwork and above all for Chilean cinema, which is being projected more and more in the world,” says Novak.

“The Pelican” is a suspense and drama film that portrays the consequences of the bad behavior of a woman in her sixties who, in her unbridled obsession to feel young and attractive, and get what she wants no matter how, unleashes total destruction of her husband and children, with whom she has formed a totally dysfunctional family.

Monthly festival

The BFA is a monthly festival with live screening once a month and an annual film festival for filmmakers from around the world, based in London.

The festival group is made up of filmmakers, producers and entrepreneurs. “We know how difficult it is to show the world that someone appreciates your work. That is why we came up with a unique project in which we involved several juries from all over the world ”, comments Tereza Hirsch, director of” The Guilt List “.

For the festival, it is necessary to recognize talent and passion and reward the best film actress, according to its organizers.

“It is based on a professional approach. We evaluate the credibility of the actor’s speech, the complexity of the character, the precision of the actors’ actions, the interaction of the actors in the set ”, explains Patrik Krivanek, member of the British Film Institute (BFI) and member of the Royal Television Society.

Second prize

The actress, on December 31, 2020, also won the Best Actress award at the Moving Film Festival, an Iranian competition dedicated to independent cinema, for the same film. Thus, there are already two international awards for the performance of his character.

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“The film is an updated contemporary version of August Strindberg’s Swedish classic, adapted to this Latin American family life in a small town on the Chilean coast, set in 2008,” says its director, Gustavo Letelier.

For the actress, working on the film was “a tremendous challenge.” Strindberg is an “author that I adore since I studied theater at the University of Chile. When Gustavo invited me to participate in the film, and told me that my character would be Lucía, the mother, that role caused me a challenge and immense emotion”, concludes.

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