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BEIJING (AP) – Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Monday called on the government of US President Joe Biden to lift restrictions on trade and people-to-people contacts, while reducing what Beijing sees as unjustified interference. in the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet.

Wang’s comments, made during a Foreign Ministry forum on US-China relations, came as Beijing is pressuring the new US government to withdraw several of the confrontational measures implemented by former President Donald. Trump.

Trump increased tariffs on Chinese imports in 2017 and imposed bans and other restrictions on Chinese technology companies and academic exchanges as he tried to respond to concerns about a trade imbalance and allegations surrounding China’s theft of American technology.

Trump also enhanced military and diplomatic ties with Taiwan, the autonomous island democracy that China claims as its territory, while imposing sanctions on Chinese officials accused of abuses against Muslim minorities in Xinjiang and a crackdown on freedoms in Hong Kong.

“We know that the new government is reviewing and evaluating its foreign policy,” Wand told diplomats, academics and journalists who were present at the Lanting Forum. “We hope that US policymakers will adapt to the times, see clearly the trend of the world, abandon prejudices, renounce unjustified suspicions and act to make China policy reasonable again to ensure healthy development. and constant relations between China and the United States ”.

Although Biden has promised the resumption of relations and a more civil tone in American diplomacy, it is unclear whether he will make any major changes to Washington’s policies toward Beijing. China faces opposition from Washington like never before due to its trade history, its territorial disputes with neighboring countries, and accusations of technology theft and espionage. Taiwan enjoys strong bipartisan support, as does criticism of China’s human rights record, specifically in Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet.

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As is customary in Chinese foreign policy, Wang placed the responsibility for improving relations on the shoulders of the United States and did not offer any direct proposals for a major breakthrough, even as he encouraged more dialogue.

Wang said China “had no intention of challenging or replacing the United States” and that it was ready to peacefully coexist and seek common development.

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