China detects eight new imported cases of Covid-19

EFE.- China registered 8 new cases of Covid-19All from abroad, without any contagion by local transmission, the National Health Commission reported today.

Imported cases were detected in Canton (3), Shanghai (2), Liaoning (1), Hunan (1) and Sichuan (1).

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On Friday 38 patients were discharged, 515 contacts close to those infected were no longer under medical observation and three serious cases were reduced compared to the previous day.

The active cases from abroad amounted to 198, one of them serious, of the total of 4 thousand 921 imported infections registered since the beginning of the pandemic, which did not cause any deaths.

The total of active cases It stands at 454, including five serious ones, of the 89 thousand 824 detected since December 2019, which caused 4 thousand 636 deaths.

Since then, a total of 975,756 contacts close to those infected have been traced, of which 8,233 are still under medical observation.

Regarding the asymptomatic, that China not consider Confirmed cases As long as they do not show symptoms, 13 new ones were detected on Friday, all from abroad, while two went on to swell the list of confirmed.

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331 cases of this type remain under observation, 282 of them coming from abroad.

In the semi-autonomous city of Hong Kong there are 307 active cases among the 10,833 detected since the beginning of the pandemic, which produced 197 deaths.

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Since the end of last December, the northeast of China suffered several regrowth of Covid-19, the worst since March 2020, specifically in the provinces of Hebei, Heilongjiang, Jilin and also in some districts of Beijing.

The authorities applied selective confinements, carried out massive tests in the most affected areas and put in quarantine to close contacts of those infected.

These measures appear to have contained regrowth, which ran the risk of being aggravated by the numerous trips planned for the lunar New Year festivities, which began on February 12.

In the last 12 days, China has only registered one case of local contagion in the country last Sunday, in the province of Hebei.

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