China speeds up its production of Covid vaccines to export to developing countries

EFE.- China hopes to increase the production of its vaccines against Covid-19 to 2 billion doses this year and 4 billion in 2022, an ambitious plan with which the government of that country aspires to become the major distributor of the drug in the developing countries.

According to the local press, the president of the Vaccine Industry Association of China, Feng Duojia, these 4 billion doses will cover up to 40% of global demand.

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In the meantime, China has distributed doses of their Covid-19 vaccines a 22 developing countries and has assisted 53 others, a number that will continue to rise as the government reaches more agreements with African nations, according to data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Only the Chinese Pharma Sinopharm has distributed 43 million dose from his vaccine, of which 34 million have been administered in the Asian country, whose campaign of vaccination it is reduced, for the moment, to inoculating groups considered with high risk of contagion with the Covid, according to the state network CCTV.

Overseas, the vaccines developed by Sinopharm and Chinese pharmaceutical companies Sinovac Y CanSino are being employed in Africa, Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia Y Burma) Y Latin America, while in Europe they have only reached Serbia Y Hungary.

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China seduces Latin America

The production capacity of China and its speed in the distribution of vaccines they have seduced Latin America, where more than a dozen countries have already received or are awaiting their first doses.

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A Uruguay 192 thousand doses of the vaccine Sinovac, to which must be added another million and a half that will be available from March 15, President Luis Lacalle Pou reported on Monday.

A Mexico 200 thousand arrived vaccines of that pharmaceutical company, which will be applied in the municipality of Ecatepec.

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This week, Chile expect the arrival of two new shipments from the same laboratory, with more than two million doses each. Dominican Republic will receive 768 thousand doses.

Brazil Y Peru they also manage the chinese vaccineswhile others like Colombia have just received a second batch (192 thousand doses of the Sinovac vaccine) Y Bolivia awaits the arrival of half a million Sinopharm.

In both cases it is vaccinesinactivated“, Which means they carry a version of the virus genetically altered that prevents it from reproducing and developing the disease, but which generates an immune response in the body.

Vaccine diplomacy under debate

Aside, China has also delivered 10 million doses of its vaccines to the mechanism Covax, which promotes World Health Organization (WHO) to prevent the pandemic is prolonged and more people continue to die from it coronavirus.

“Some 27 countries, most of them developing, have shown interest in importing chinese vaccines against Covid. Some have already received shipments. Total, China it is providing aid to 53 developing countries and will continue to do so to the best of its ability to help the international community overcome the crisis, ”Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said today.

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However, some European leaders criticize China for this campaign vaccines carried out in its territory.

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French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, he pointed last week what China has launched “vaccine diplomacy” to increase its influence, especially in African countries, and warned that “taking pictures of vaccines in airports it does not mean having a vaccination policy ”.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier noted that the pandemic has become a “geopolitical moment” where some countries (referring to Russia Y China) they are distributing doses to other countries with political objectives, something that could have “enormous consequences for our future”.

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