China withheld information about Covid from WHO mission in Wuhan: HRW

EFE.- China concealed information about the first cases of Covid-19 a year ago, which favored infections, in the recent mission of experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) a Wuhan, China, denounced this Thursday the executive director of the Human Rights Watch (HRW, for its acronym in English), Kenneth Roth.

China clearly wants to avoid being blamed for being the place where the pandemic“, Roth added, in a press conference organized by the Association of Correspondents of the United Nations (ACANU, for its acronym in English).

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The veteran American activist pointed out that the concealment during the mission was seen, for example, when the government chino “Refused to share anonymous information about the first cases (of Covid-19) ”, Taking into account that only half of the 174 people identified were related to the Huanan market of Wuhan.

Similarly, “in Wuhan there were 92 hospitalized patients with symptoms similar to those of the Covid-19 in October and November 2019, but China just gave the WHO much later antibody tests, no scans or blood tests, tests that would have shown that the outbreak was present a month or two earlier than admitted, ”said Kenneth Roth.

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The director of the HRW noted that the chinese government continues to advance the theory that Covid-19 it could have originated from contact with frozen food “despite the fact that there is no evidence that anyone in any part of the world has been infected in this way.”

Roth He was also critical of the recent mission of experts from the WHO and other partner organizations, for “giving credibility to that theory by saying that they are investigating it.”

He stated that this action only generates propaganda chinese government, when in reality, a focus must be generated on what is hidden.

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The activist stressed that there was no member of the WHO high profile and denounced certain “institutional complicity” with China for “refusing to say anything critical against her” or helping to dismiss the possibility of transmission of the virus in the first weeks of last year.

“In three weeks of January 2020, the chinese government removed information about the broadcast (from the Covid-19) between humans, pretending that all cases were related to the market for WuhanAs millions of people left the city, thousands of them abroad, Roth noted.

The head of HRW admitted that there is no evidence that the virus that causes the Covid-19 was born in a laboratory, a theory that, for example, the former American president Donald Trump. The lack of information, he said, helps fuel these kinds of suspicions.

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“The more hidden China, more credibility gives these theories, because people wonder what it hides (…) although it could mean that they only want to avoid being identified as the physical place where another infectious disease began, as happened almost 20 years ago with the SARS“, Highlighted the American activist.

“All this shows that the suppression of information is bad for public health and to let us know what happened, something that is critical to avoid a next pandemic of Covid-22 or Covid-23,” he stressed.

The mission of the World Health Organization (WHO) who visited China believes that in December 2019 the coronavirus was more widespread than was thought in the province of Wuhan, reported last Sunday the American chain CNN.

The director of that mission, Peter Ben Embarek, told the network that Chinese scientists presented 174 cases of coronavirus registered in Wuhan and its surroundings and that were reported in December 2019, of which 100 were confirmed through the laboratory and the rest by clinical diagnosis of the patient.

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