It is believed that CHINESE and Russian spies are listening to Donald Trump for refusing to give up his mobile phones.

The US president is known for his unorthodox methods of communication, including the use of his personal Twitter account to spread messages among the Americans.

However, unwilling to use the White House landline, this could result in foreign powers gaining insight into Mr. Trump's best manipulation and influencing his government's policies.

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American intelligence reports indicate that Chinese spies often touch on President's calls New York Times Article reports as well as Russian agents. According to the report, Mr. Trump's advisers say he is now turning to secure landline, but he still refuses to give up his iPhones.

They hope that Mr. Trump does not treat any secret information when using it.

As the mobile signals flit over the telephone infrastructure, it is relatively easy for governments to intercept the calls. Foreign politicians are aware of the risk, which is why China's Xi Jinping and Russia's Putin Putin avoid the use of mobile phones wherever possible.

The current and former US officials who have been talked to The New York Times Under the condition of anonymity, China hopes to use the information to further blow up a trade war with the US.

It is believed that Chinese spies are learning how to influence Mr. Trump and who is in his sphere of influence. The times They reported that they had a strategy to provide arguments to friends of Mr. Trump's friends in the hope that Beijing's views would be conveyed to the president from sources he believes are trustworthy.

While Russia is doing the same, it is clear that their efforts are not in line with those of the Chinese, because Trump is so friendly with Putin. CIA veteran John Sipher said that both foreign powers "were looking for little things – how easily he spoke (and) what was the argument that was used" The New York Times.

While former US President Barack Obama used an iPhone, it was heavily modified. The phone could not make or receive calls, and it has neither a camera nor a microphone. Not even apps could be downloaded.

It was indeed an e-mail device, and Mr. Obama could only receive correspondence from certain e-mail addresses. When he had to make a call, he used one of his co-workers, an official said.

Mr. Trump recently joked about the lack of mobile security. In one Wall Street Journal Interview this week, the President said, "Do not hand it over on the phone, I do not want it on the phone, as good as those phones should be," when asked what American officials had learned about the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

During the US presidential campaign in 2016, Mr. Trump often attacked Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton for her use of an unsecured email server during her time as Secretary of State.



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