Choco Lozano in the sights of West Ham?

CÁDIZ, SPAIN.- Cádiz is about to make the first major transfer in its history. The last game of Anthony “El Choco” Lozano against Alavés caught the attention of West Ham of the Premier League, who would be about to make a millionaire offer for the catracho.

According Cadistas News , Cádiz will receive an offer from 15 million euros (more than 424 million lempiras) for El Choco and the team refers to its clause.

“The telephone begins to ring in the offices of the Carranza stadium to ask about him and other players who also stand out,” says the daily cadista.

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It was known that at the moment the team of The League efforts have begun to supply the possible replacement and it is said that there is interest in Rubén Sobrino or Sergio León.

Although it is said that the transfer of El Choco is very likely, the last to have the floor is Cádiz since the Honduran signed a contract until June 2023.

The Hammers They have followed in Lozano’s step since his performance against Real Madrid and in this 2021 they have been admired with his goals against him Valencia and Alavés.


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