chollazos of iPhone, Samsung and Xiaomi this week

The chollazos of the week come from the hand of Aliexpress. But of course, it does not come just because it has such well-known brands as Xiaomi, iPhone and Samsung. Knowing all of them, we know that we will find a selection of mobiles that we are going to love. Are you thinking of changing yours? Perhaps after this your answer will be affirmative.

Because it is difficult to resist temptation. Offers in new devices and others, that perhaps are not so new but that we have always wanted to have with us. Be that as it may, the options are very diverse and without affecting your pocket. Are you prepared or ready to discover them?


samsung galaxy

The universe of Samsung It is also going strong. In this case, we start with a Galaxy A21S, which also has a very special price and that is already beginning to catch us much more. With a 5000 mAh battery and a 48 MP camera, these are details that we like a lot. It is time to change our device for one like that!

It seems that Aliexpress always has the best ideas and we, we let ourselves be carried away by them. We are facing a great brand, where you can choose both its capacity and its colors. So it will also go partly to your liking. With front and rear camera, as well as fingerprint recognition and dual SIM. You need it? Sure yes and here We leave it to you.


iphone 8 plusiphone 8 plus

Again the iPhone 8 Plus is put on the table with a much more affordable price than we could imagine. Its screen is 5.5 inches, while its camera is 12MP, so we also know that we will have the best memories in a single click. With all the luxury of details and colors, just as we like them.

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Without forgetting another of the details that we are seeing the most among the latest models and that is fingerprint recognition. It has already become an essential. Well in this case, you can also use it. His CPU is much faster And thanks to the performance control, it will give it the power it needs when you use it the most. As they are all advantages, here you can buy it on Aliexpress.


redmi note 8 proredmi note 8 pro

We start with one of the brands that have already positioned themselves as leaders in terms of sales of mobile phones as well as other devices. Without a doubt, the quality of it is priceless. Although in this case we will tell you that it is quite cheap, in case you are interested. This mobile has a 6.53 inch screen, while its RAM is 6GB and its ROM is 128GB.

With four rear cameras we are already imagining the amount of good photos we can take. With a quick charge and a 4500 mAh battery, make it one of those devices that we want to see in our lives. If you were waiting for him too, then now you can get it here on Aliexpress and at a more than amazing price.


iphone 6Siphone 6S

If we take into account the brands of mobile phones, we all know that iPhone is in great demand. Each of their mobiles and versions are sold like donuts. But if you are one of those who prefers to wait a bit and find offers like those of Aliexpress, then you are in a good place. Because you will enjoy a precious iPhone 6S at an incredible price.

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Still don’t believe it? We have the best way to make you see it. A device that has 2GB of RAM while ROM you can choose from 16GB to 128GB. Its 12 MP camera and a 4.7-inch screen already have everything for such a version to be successful. Do you want it too? Here you can buy it.


redmi note 9Sredmi note 9S

Yes, we are facing another of the best versions and options of the Xiaomi range. Because it is a Redmi Note 9S. Without a doubt, by mentioning it, we already know that you have everything you need to succeed. With a quad camera and also a side fingerprint sensor. Without forgetting that its battery is high performance with 5020 mAh. So we are already facing two great advantages and options that we cannot miss.

In addition, the screen is more than perfect in its 6.67 inches, being able to always capture all the best, in combination with its camera that also offers you the best options. If you want brand new device, then do not doubt that this idea that Aliexpress provides us is one of the great ones that you cannot miss. Here you got it.


samsung a60samsung a60

If you want a current model but pay a little less for it, then this will be perfect for you. Because one of the litmus tests, passes it and it is that his screen is infinity type and this implies a higher resolution and much sharper colors or finishes than we think.

But of course that is not all. But it also has a triple rear camera, so you can get the best moments and always have them at your fingertips. With 6Gb of RAM and 64 ROM but that you can increase to 128. Finally, its battery is 3500 mAh. You want it? Here you have it on Aliexpress.

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redmi 8 tredmi 8 t

We return to Xiaomi and we are left with this version of another of their great mobiles. Betting on the great design and the latest finishes as happens in the Redmi Note 8T. It also has nothing to envy other models, in terms of screen. Because as we see it is the widest, 6.3 inches, and has a perfect resolution for our best moments.

The chamber has 13 Megapixels, so it is also something necessary to take into account. While its battery is 4000 mAh. Not forgetting that Aliexpress also wants us to not pay more for it and makes it a great price. You want it? Here you can buy it.


iphone 7iphone 7

We are already learning the vast majority of telephones with their own numbers and different versions. Because in this case comes the iPhone 7, which is another of the most talked about at the time. It is true that now it is going for somewhat higher versions, but it is never too late to have it.

Therefore, it must be said that it has a 2GB RAM and the ROM you can choose according to your own needs, since it is expandable to 256GB. The frontal camera it is 7MP, while the rear is 12MP. Another of the whims you can give yourself! Here you got it.

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