Chris Harrison and other bachelor nation stars mourn Super Fan’s death

Chris Harrison


Bachelor Nation has just earned an angel.

Over the years, the show The bachelor it has become much more than a reality TV show, but a family. This week, it was revealed that the show’s fans and contestants have lost one of their biggest supporters. Guest Chris Harrison on Friday he went to Instagram to reveal that his friend Kim White he had died after more than five years in the fight against cancer.

“#BachelorNation has lost one of her biggest fans today and I’ve lost a close friend. I met @kimcankickit about 7 years ago coincidentally at a concert in Los Angeles. She was a beautiful young woman who had just been given the news that she would have been dying of cancer soon, “the longtime guest wrote in a sweet tribute to his friend. “I told her that year if she was healthy enough I would like to have her as my guest at the After the Final Rose special. She did it that year and I told her as long as she had the strength, from that moment on, she had a front row seat. Kim got to all the live specials I’ve hosted since then and a friendship and love that changed my life was formed. ”

He continued, “There have been years when Kim was completely bald and looked like she could barely stand it, but she was there. She endured more surgeries and procedures than any human being I have ever known, yet her spirit and her faith resisted. To say she was strong, brave and courageous would be a serious understatement. To say that I learned so much and gained so many prospects from her would not live up to her true impact. “

He continued to share Kim’s biggest hit: being a wife and mother. “We laughed, cried and cursed. The only thing that Kim was ever really sad or disappointed was her fault for not being a better wife and mother,” Chris revealed. “Yes, even in excruciating anguish and in relentless battles, all she cared about was how much she loved others. I know that the rest of her body let her down, but her heart definitely didn’t. how his eyes were blue. “

Chris ended his feelings by thanking his friend for the time spent together and resting in the fact that he is now finally at peace.

“I will miss my friend very much. I will miss looking at the front row and seeing her beautiful loving smile. I will miss our messages and those of FT in which we talked about the show but above all about life and what would be the next. Kim was always looking for the next battle, the next step, the next goal, “he shared. “I am grateful that this beautiful soul has entered my life. It has really touched all the people it has met and this is the definition of life. It is free from that broken body that has been given to it and in that I find incredible peace. But a beautiful girl lost her mom a wonderful loving man @heyurkimshusband lost his wife and I lost a real friend. I love you Kim! “

Many members of the Bachelor Nation quickly shared their views on his post. Including Chris’ fiancĂ©e Lauren Zima who showed support for his love with three emojis at heart. Ex Bachelor Ben Higgins also stretched out his hand to show his support. “Wow, radiate light into this world,” commented the post. “It’s tough, but I’m so lucky to have met her.”

JoJo Fletcherhe also extended his condolences to the guest for his loss. Saying, “She was such a beautiful soul. She loved having the chance to meet her. Praying for her loved ones.”

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