Regardless of the advances in cinematic visual effects, the fact that superheroes age can not be avoided, and the stars of Avenger's Endgame are no exception.

While the performers still seem relieved to physically push the boundaries, they always ask, "Am I too old for this problem?"

Jeremy Renner, 48, plays Hawkeye in the avenger Franchise, is different. "I am definitely not too old for that, even though I broke both arms," ​​he chuckles. "But they are on the mend. Type of. "

Chris Hemsworth, 35, now insists his Thor is in good shape. "I felt better in this film than anyone else. The fighting styles you need meant developing a sportiness that became second nature. "He's taking a break. "But of course I let my stunt do the stuff that's potentially life threatening."

"You're still being turned on, but as Jeremy said, he broke both his arms. For me, I was pretty happy in that sense. Yes, it requires a lot of commitment and sportiness, but it is also part of the fun. "

The senior statesman of the cast is Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) at the age of 54.

"Looking back on the franchise, I was in my 40s when we started," says Downey, "and now I'm in my 50s, for anyone who has been there before, you know that's a pretty big change I think I was a young man a long time ago It would have been nice if I could whisper in my ear as a young child: "Dude, you have no idea what's around the corner for you keep doing. "

Black Widows Scarlett Johansson, 34, one of the youngest members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, seems to be the most open. "Oh god, it only takes longer for me to recover, and now I'm afraid of hurting myself. I have to say, though, that I'm usually pretty good at stunts because I've done a lot of training over the past decade, "she says.

Most performers have gathered in a hotel in downtown Los Angeles to discuss it endgame, They chat and then discuss their respective costumes. It seems their superhero outfits are a common cause of discomfort.

"I like that it's easy to go to the bathroom because most of those costumes are very difficult," Renner offers, immediately causing a groan from Hemsworth. "I do not like mine," he says. "It's really difficult to go to the bathroom, and it's also incredibly hot. It takes 15 minutes for all armor to be dressed, and then it's hard to make a fight scene. It looks impressive and is cool, but not comfortable. "

Paul Rudd, 50, who embodies his role as Ant-Man, has another cross to bear. "The leather in my costume itches everything," he grimaces, "and I can not reach my back, so I had to go to the people and let myself be hit in the back to get rid of an itch. It is also getting very hot and we are turning outside [costumes] Do not breathe so well, although I'm lucky enough to go to the bathroom. "He leans forward." We've been thinking of Ant-Man pushing magnets into the fly instead of buttons.

He turns to Brie Larson, 29, who recently joined the universe as Captain Marvel and teases, "Jealous?" She rolls her eyes. "Yes, really, very much."

She explains. "With my costume, I can not really raise my arms, which is a problem, so it's very frustrating. I also need maybe 30 minutes and four people to go to the bathroom. It also trains your brain when you wear this suit every day. It's funny. I was at another job where I wore only jeans and a T-shirt, and I remember telling everyone, "Hey, I have to go to the bathroom." I could go by myself. She adds, "But I love how my costume looks. And I think it's great that I'm covered in knee pads. In other ways it is convenient, but it took 40 people and 600 hours. In fact, Scarlett has taught me that your costume is like a car paint shop. Whatever problems you have, they fix it on the set. "

Newcomer Danai Gurira, 41, who plays Okoye from Black Panther, says, "My costume is beautiful, but it takes some getting used to, because it has so many parts. But you can find things right away with a clip here or there. At the same time, I loved what it looked like, because they are like works of art that you can wrap yourself in. "She smiles. "I think I had a better time with the restroom than most of the others. I did not need anyone to help me, but it took a while, "she laughs. "It was a process."

While the performers share an obvious camaraderie, after the death of Lok Hiddlestons Loki, an emptiness remains in the Infinity War. Would Hemsworth return his disturbing screen brother if he could?

"No, why should I do that?" He answers blankly. "He kept fooling me, but on the personal side, I've been with Tom since the beginning of this trip, and I've learned a lot from him." Hemsworth pauses. " If you ask if Thor would bring him back, I think he could have done it, but I do not know it for me. "

Renner jokes: "The short answer is a definitive no. Let the man die! "

Of course, some characters simply refuse to die. Downey Jr says, "The fact that I get bored so quickly and stick to it for so long means the stories are still gripping. I like that too, because he goes on with the years [Iron Man/Tony Stark] takes less seriously. But you have to remember, even if something ends, it's Marvel after all, "he shrugs. "An end is an end."

He leans forward and grins. "Until you said it was just a wrong ending."

Avengers: Engame is in cinemas from 25th April.