• Chris Taylor and Harley Brash of island of Love 2019 reportedly dissolved. three weeks after leaving the villa.
  • "It was really friendly and they both agreed that they would stay friends," claims the insider.

    Love Island 2019 is barely over a month ago and already the couples start to separate. According to a source from The Sun, Harley Brash and Chris Taylor, who were in the villa at the end of this series of bombings, claimed the time for their relationship and went their separate ways.

    One source commented, "Harley and Chris broke up a few days ago, it was really mutual and they agreed that they would stay friends, but unfortunately there is no romance there – it was just a holiday trip."

    A second source at Capital FM reports that the two have made an episode of Supermarket Sweep together since the split, but tried to keep the separation under wraps. "Nobody wants to be the first couple to split up – it's embarrassing and there's so much pressure to stay together to make money. [But they] barely spoken to each other. She first came to film and he came separately. "

    Interestingly, Chris just shared an Instagram post yesterday [14 August] next to Harley, with the headline, "My golden flame, we'll meet in 10 minutes at the hearth, I miss you and the kids, see you very soon."

    Harley shared the same Instagram snap on August 7, just days after he confirmed that they were exclusive during an interview with Caroline Flack After sun. "Are you allowed to go out with other people? "She asked, to which the couple replied," No. Caroline continued, "So you are exclusive? Congratulations!"

    Are the rumors on something, or should Chris & # 39; s Instagram subtitle be the most reliable source? We asked Harley and Chris for a comment.