Jamie Carragher has called on Tottenham midfielder Christian Eriksen to forget the move to Real Madrid following another stalemate by the Dane in Spurs' 2-1 defeat of Liverpool.

Eriksen expressed his desire for a "new challenge" in the summer, but remained in the club, although his contract will expire next summer.

So far, the 27-year-old has scored only one goal and scored in nine league games this season. After a largely anonymous record against the Reds Sky Sports expert, Carragher argued that Eriksen was not good enough to justify a move to Madrid.

In the 1: 2 against Liverpool Christian Eriksen could leave no impression

"Eriksen is a really good player for Tottenham for me, but he's always mentioned as a player who could play for Real Madrid, he's not good enough," said Carragher.

"If he's so good, he'll have another year in his contract, you would pay him for money, people keep saying, maybe on a free transfer … you would have someone on a free transfer."

"He wanted to go this summer, he announced it, he said it publicly, and nobody came in for him.

"I think Eriksen was fantastic for Spurs, but he's no better than Spurs, he might go to PSG, he might go to another club, but he does not make any of them better."

However, his co-expert Gary Neville did not agree and argued that his former team would take on Manchester United Eriksen.

Both Eriksen and Toby Alderweireld have been linked to the withdrawal of Spurs

"I think he could play in the top clubs because he would be with really good players," added Neville. "He proved he is a top player and works hard, which does not reflect what we have seen for four years.

"I think United would pay (for Eriksen)." United struggles to win players for less than 50 million or 60 million pounds, and I think they would pay for it. "