Citizen Observatory reports three deaths from Covid in the week of November 5 to 11

The independent Citizen Observatory Covid-19 Nicaragua reported this Friday that in the week of November 5 to 11, 113 new suspected cases of Covid-19 and three deaths from this cause accumulated.

The group of doctors and health workers, who work voluntarily in this report, pointed out that until November 11, an accumulated 11,092 verified suspected cases of Covid-19 are reported in all departments and autonomous regions of the country.

On the other hand, the Citizen Observatory asserted that, with the three new deaths, to date there has been an accumulated 2,789 deaths from the disease since the pandemic reached Nicaragua in March of this year.

These deaths are reported from 17 departments and the two autonomous regions (in 123 municipalities). Managua registers 33% of all deaths; Masaya, 10%; Matagalpa, 8%; Leon, 7%; Chinandega and Estelí, 5% each; Granada and Chontales, 4% each. “This week, we have verified information on three new deceased persons,” he explained.

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The country is experiencing a relative, but deceptive calm regarding the behavior of the pandemic. The interdisciplinary group also reported a drop in its report, but warned that with the passage of Hurricane Eta, in the North Caribbean of the country, the risk of infections increases.

“We express our concern about the catastrophic damage caused by hurricane ETA, especially the effects on the water supply, the destruction of homes, the shortage of food and damage to 16 health units, which increases the risk of the population to fall ill” , said the Observatory.

Attention by Eta

In this regard, the team of independent doctors urged the competent authorities to take urgent measures in the areas affected by the natural phenomenon. They recommend giving access to safe water, food distribution, ensuring access to primary care services, carrying out generalized tests for the detection of Covid-19 and subsequent isolation of people with a positive result.

The pools of water generated by the rains carry more mosquitoes that transmit malaria, which could increase the number of cases in the Caribbean of Nicaragua. LAPRENSA / Jader Flores.

“We urge the authorities involved in emergency care to guarantee the necessary measures to prevent the appearance of infectious-contagious diseases (leptospirosis, malaria, dengue, diarrhea, respiratory and skin diseases), including Covid-19”, suggested the Observatory.

Health personnel again affected

After several weeks without registering cases or suspicious deaths of Covid-19, in the week of the report the interdisciplinary group reported three new cases and one death related to the virus.

«As of November 11, 819 health workers have been reported with associated or presumptive symptoms of Covid-19. As of November 11, 109 deaths of health personnel were reported, ”he explained.

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The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported last Tuesday, November 10, that since the arrival of the pandemic in Nicaragua there have been 5,661 infections of Covid-19 and 158 deaths from this disease, but those figures have always been questioned.

In the week of November 3 to 10, according to the Minsa, 70 cases and one death were reported from the new coronavirus.

Don’t let your guard down

Faced with the false normality that is perceived in the country, and which is promoted mainly by the Daniel Ortega regime, the Citizen Observatory once urged the regime and the same population to resume preventive measures against the pandemic such as hand washing, physical distancing and use of a mask and protector or facial mask, insisting on the performance of generalized tests for detection of Covid-19 “, he concluded.


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