City’s plan to sign Messi

The future of Leo messi still in the air. The Argentine striker ends his contract with Barça in 2021 and is waiting to find out who will govern the Barça club after the next elections. He wants to know the future project and know first-hand what they have in store for him.

Meanwhile, in England they are drawing up their plan to convince Messi. Specifically the Manchester City, the team that seems to have shown the most interest so far. Dean Jones, a journalist from Europsport, has commented on his Ranks FC podcast that the English club wants to offer him to play in the Premier League and later, once his time in Manchester is over, to continue in the team that he City Group has in New York and what disputes the MLS.

Furthermore, the aforementioned information ensures that Messi He would be attracted to the option of being able to continue the experience in the New York franchise and to be able to live a stage in the American city, where his football stage would end.

Manchester City will try to sign Messi

The option Manchester City has returned to the scene days after the father of Leo, Jorge Messi, came out to deny information that linked the Barcelona captain with the PSG. The patriarch of the family Messi He reacted forcefully to an information from the ESPN channel in which it was assured that Paris Saint-Germain had already contacted Leo’s father to start negotiating from January. “Stop inventing !!! Fake news ”, put Messi’s father on his Instagram.

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