National political experts predict that Devon's independent politician, Claire Wright, may be on the verge of making history.

This follows the shocking announcement last night that the deputy of East Devon, Sir Hugo Swire, will not participate in the upcoming general election. The Conservatives saw their majority decline in the 2017 general election after a serious challenge from independent candidate Ms. Wright, who came in second in the Conservative Party, winning 36 % of votes with 21,270 votes and Sir Hugo 48%. with 29,306 votes.

Patrick Maguire, New Statesman correspondent, said: "It's fascinating: apart from North Down, East Devon is pretty much the only seat in the UK that could possibly be won by an independent (anti-austerity advisor Clair Wright) at the next general election. "

Historically, very few seats in Parliament have been won by candidates without any political party.

Although there are currently 31 independents in Parliament, they have all been elected as members of different political parties and have subsequently resigned.

The Independent County Consultant of Otter Valley in Devon County admitted today that she was shocked to hear Mr. Swire's announcement that he was not going to not present at the next general election. She said: "I had heard some rumors but I did not believe it.It was no sign.In fact, he had been more active in recent weeks.

"I think that he knew that he would have a difficult challenge to take up.

"I have been preparing with my team for a year and we have recently accelerated our preparations with unprecedented speed and now I am excited."

She was aware that national political experts began to look at her with interest. She said: "It's always nice to receive a tweet from a national reporter." I noticed on my Twitter feed that national journalists have started following me recently. "

Predicting an election in November, she said, "This will be my third election and my team and I are ready to build on the previous two elections.

"The momentum in 2017, the excitement and energy was incredible – I felt like I could win, and we are now much further.

"I was a serious threat." Brian May supported me before the last election as one of his election candidates for "common decency".

"I think East Devon will be within the grasp of all conservatives – it's the heart of the Conservative East Devon has been a conservative for 150 years – that's what I'm facing. It's a tall order.

"This will be my third general election and my manifesto will be based on a survey I did earlier this year, hundreds and hundreds of people completed the survey, and I am confident I know the issues that concern people in East Devon.

"The Conservatives have just been disastrous for the country. They went from one crisis to another. It's like watching a slow car accident. In recent weeks, it has become an absolute collapse.

"The Conservatives' entire agenda is simply to save their skin, rhetoric seems to indicate how they can beat Brexit and make it the new Brexit party.

"What they should have focused on was the public services and the environment, Devon County Council lost 100 million pounds from its budget, and the entire Devon population lost service as a result of these cuts ".

The anti-austerity advisor is also known for her firm stance on protecting the environment. She said she likes to be totally independent: "I like to dig my own path, I do not want to have to answer a party and tell me what my policies are.

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Bruce de Saram, president of the Conservatives of East Devon, said: "The East Devon Conservatives wish to thank Hugo for his outstanding work as a member of Parliament since 2001, as well as for his service in as Minister of Northern Ireland and Foreign Affairs, where he is passionate about the Commonwealth among its many other interests.

"Hugo has risen to the challenge of being our MP, winning five general elections. He has always challenged the injustice with passion and has been very visible in the constituency, alongside local residents.

"We are really sorry to say goodbye and wish him good luck for the future.

"We will now begin the process of selecting a candidate to continue Hugo's excellent work."