Claude Puel has again ruled out winning an experienced youth player after the home defeat in Southampton.

Besides Jamie Vardy, City led a very young and inexperienced attack on the Saints, and they could not balance the ten men, though they dominated the property and camped in the Saints third of the field for half the second half.

City did not have the serenity or the trick to break the defense of the visitors, but Puel insists he does not have to bring new faces to help his teens in the January transfer window.

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Leicester City 1-2 Southampton

The Frenchman insists that the balance between youth and experience in his cadre of the city is right.

"No, I think we have the right balance between experienced and young players," he said.

"I think we just have to maintain a positive attitude, continue working in training and have the right answer in the next game."

Puel welcomed a player back in his group to bolster his chances of attack, and Harvey Barnes came at halftime when City tried to lift a 2-0 halftime deficit.

The 20-year-old showed why Puel decided to pull him out of his loan period in West Bromwich Albion, and Puel is convinced that the academic will have another dimension to his attack.

"It was a good opportunity for him to get into the squad and into the game," said Puel.

"He showed his skills and his penetration, and he had also blocked a few shots, but it was difficult for him and for many players to find more space.

"He is powerful and can penetrate well, make good movements, but it was difficult for him to find room.

"I was happy about his game and he showed quality and he will help us in the future."