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media labelingLorin Robinson said his phone had been smashed

One man claims to have been seized by a recycling crewmember who had smashed his phone – simply because he had asked why some of the cans had not been picked up.

Lorin Robinson, 22, from Clevedon, said he just wanted to "ask them" shortly after 08:00 BST.

But when he pulled his cell phone out to film the truck's license plate, he said a man had followed him and grabbed him.

North Somerset Council said the "crew members involved had been suspended" and the police had opened investigations.

Avon and Somerset police said "investigations are in progress" after reports of an attack on Kingsley Road.

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Lorin Robinson

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Lorin Robisnon, with friend Shannon, said the recycler "cursed" him after asking a "simple question"

Mr. Robinson said, "I went and asked her," Why did not you take the cans? "They said it was because they were not washed.

"I wanted to question them, and that was literally everything, and then it escalated, they scolded me and were very rude.

"I just asked one simple question, one of them grabbed me, threw my cell phone and smashed it in. I was just wondering why you can not take the cans."

In a statement, the Council said, "We are aware that there was a dispute with a resident and members of the Biffa garbage collection.

"We take the matter seriously and have contacted the complainant, and Biffa has suspended the affected crew members.

"The incident has been reported to the police investigating, so it would not be appropriate at the moment to say more."