Cleveland Brown defensive defender Damarious Randall has seen many talented wide receivers during his time in the National Football League, but the very man he will face at FirstEnergy on Sunday considers him the toughest of the tests.

And this man is multi-time All-Pro / Pro Bowl receiver Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons.

"Julio is the best recipient I've ever met," Randall said.

"Big, fast, strong. I mean, you call it. It's pretty much what you want in your typical receiver these days. He's the type, if I had to pick a number 1 recipient in the league, I'm pretty sure all 32 teams would probably vote for Julio Jones. "

Randall was far from the only Browns player to have such high opinion of Jones.

"I think there are a lot of great, talented receivers in this league, and he definitely fits the bill," explains Cornerback T.J. Carrie said.

"He has all the attributes you expect from a receiver. He has been doing it for a very long time and they know how to use him down there very effectively. And that will be something we need to be curious about how to take away some of the looks he likes. "

In his eighth NFL season at the University of Alabama, Jones has converted 60 catches into 933 yards, averaging 15.6 yards per receive, with 43 first-down games and a touchdown, as well as a long 58-yard try.

And that nearly 1,000 yard total was scored in just eight games.

Julio Jones_1541879773036.png.jpg

Julio Jones (11) from Atlanta Falcons will be attacked in the fourth quarter at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium by Janoris Jenkins (20) from New York Giants.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

"He's very good," Randall said. "He is, if not the best, one of the best recipients in the NFL. He just looks at him in the movie and looks healthy for the first time in a couple of years. He really looks like himself when he dominated in 2012. "

Carrie added, "No gaffe. The hunger is still there. The physicality is still there, the speed. He does everything he has to do to make these offenses thrive. And if you have two of them, is it an expectation that everyone else will win, right? And so you see the other guys are productive because he does his job. "

Although teams have lost almost 1,000m on Jones in eight games this season, they have done remarkably well to keep him out of the end zone as he has the touchdown. The Browns, however, know that in their reports against Jones, they "must be just right."

"They understand his skills as a playmaker," said interim coach Gregg Williams. "So do we, and so it is now a battle of wills, we must do things that surround him, surround the ball and make it as minimal as possible, he is a very good football player, he is a very good, athletic, talented receiver "

Carrie added, "Anyway, I think they have so many guns that it used to be Julio, and now they have so many other weapons that Matt Ryan can really beat the ball.

"And just because he's ineffective in this area, he's still doing some very explosive things and opening the doors to other players on this team to be effective, and that's what you want."

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