The Cleveland Browns hoped that Jamie Collins could be a playmaker on the defensive side of the ball, but he was instead to blame.

Cleveland Brown defender Jamie Collins has quickly become one of Dawg Pound's biggest opponents as many fans criticize the 29-year-old's performance.

When the Browns traded for Collins in 2016, he believed he was a dynamic player on the defensive side of the ball.

He was a good tackler who could effectively stop the run. He was also solid in the passport cover and was able to play games on the ball. And finally, he was great at creating penetration and getting quarterback.

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In Cleveland he has shown insights into this talent. Most of the time, however, he has shown more why the patriots were willing to trade with him: effort.

In his two and a half seasons in Cleveland, there were too many occurrences in which Collins played. Often, Collins, who plays a game, has created a big game and / or a touchdown for the enemy's offense.

Collins's slow defeat against the Chiefs last week filled a gap in the goal line, allowing the Chiefs to run back Kareem Hunt, who managed a slight touchdown through the gap.

Despite Collins' slow response in the game, Brown's interim coach and defense coordinator Gregg Williams said he saw no problems with Collins efforts – via Mary Kay Cabot of

"It's not him. I have to train better. We all have to play better in the defense. We have to do better. Not only he, we all. These things are addressed on a daily basis, and we have to practice better in such things, and we have talked about them. "

Although Williams said it was a team problem rather than a Collins problem, Williams, who has been taking a tame stance ever since his appointment as interim coach, has prevented him from calling the linebacker to the media.

Even if Williams sees no problem with Collins, the linebacker has become a duty for the defense. His disagreement was below average and he has not played much in the coverage.

This season, Collins has made 62 tackles, two sacks, six tackles for loss, a forced fumble and a catch. According to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), Collins has a staffing grade of 38.7 (rated below average by the PFF) and a coverage of 52.7 (rated as poor).

When the Browns play in their nickel defense, Collins is often taken off the field. But with Christian Kirksey in the injured reserve, Collins will be in the field more often.

With the injuries in defense, the Browns Collins will need to rise for the remainder of the season. He has to work hard because the Browns will need Collins to play anywhere on the pitch.

If Collins still has problems, he may lose playtime to backup linebacker Tanner Vallejo. Vallejo replaced Kirksey with the Chiefs and was constantly playing games, possibly earning more playing time.

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Williams has shown that he is not afraid to shake things up. As much as the Browns need dependable players on the defensive side of the ball, Collins needs to return to his dynamic playing style if he wants to keep his playing time.


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