CLEVELAND, Ohio – A dog had to be found with a cleft lip in Cleveland on Monday, police said.

Officials believe someone tried to sever the dog's head before a man found the dog on Bessemer Avenue and East 88th Street, near East 88th Street, in the city's Kinsman district.

A 38-year-old man walked around the area when he spotted a small dog in the middle of a pile of clothing on the floor, report police reports. The dog was bleeding from the throat and breathing heavily.

The man tried to help the dog with a towel. He also gave the dog water before the police came.

The dog was euthanized due to the severity of injuries in a municipal kennel, police said.

The officers found an eviction notice between the rubble pile and the clothes where the dog was found.

Officials later learned that the dog had a microchip implant that showed the identity of the owner of the dog. In this case, no arrests were made.

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