Climate.- Guterres calls for 2021 to be the year of “reconciliation” between humanity and nature after COVID-19

Regrets that the protection of biodiversity faces a funding gap of 585,000 million euros per year


The Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, has urged this Monday that 2021 be the year of “reconciliation” between humanity and nature, pointing to the recovery after COVID-19 as a way to do so, after regretting that in 2020 there will be no have reached the levels of protection of biodiversity.

“Until now we have been destroying our planet,” Guterres warned at the ‘A Planet for Biodiversity’ summit, “we have abused it as if we had a spare. Our current consumption of resources requires almost two planets, but we only have one. If we equated the history of the Earth with a calendar year, we would have used a third of its natural resources in the last 0.2 seconds “, he stressed.

In addition, he recalled that “attacks” against nature, such as air, land and water pollution, provoke their response through record temperatures, more extreme natural phenomena – such as floods or hurricanes, more fires or collapse. of biodiversity.

However, 2021 is emerging as an opportunity, with the recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic, to chart a path that “provides health for everyone, revitalizes economies and rescues biodiversity”, which should be achieved with “smart policies” and with the “right investments”.

At this point, the initiative of the Great Green Wall for the Sahel and the Sahara has stood out, which with an investment of more than 14,000 million dollars (about 11,500 million euros) represents about 8,000 kilometers that will travel the southern margin of the African desert in which will restore 100 million hectares of degraded land.


Although the World Economic Forum has concluded that new commercial activities related to nature could create 191 million jobs by 2030, “the world has not met any of the biodiversity targets set for 2020”, lamented the highest representative of the UN.

To this is added that “biodiversity faces a financing gap of 711,000 million dollars (about 585,000 million euros) annually until 2030.”

However, Guterres has been optimistic about the holding of the next UN Conference on Biodiversity (COP15), to be held in the Chinese city of Kunming from May 17 to 30, which will bring the necessary progress “to establish a Global Framework for Biodiversity Post 2020 and Halting the Threat of Extinction “.


In addition to biodiversity, the other major climate goal that should be addressed in 2021 according to Guterres is building a “true global coalition to achieve carbon neutrality.”

For this, “each country, city and company must adopt an ambitious roadmap to achieve that net emissions are zero by 2050”, for which it will be necessary to adopt measures such as the construction of new coal plants or the abolition of subsidies to fossil fuels.

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