Climate.- Guterres warns of the “triple environmental emergency” and urges to stop climate change


The Security Council addresses the effect of climate change on international security on Tuesday


The Secretary General of the UN has called this Monday to stop climate change in front of the United Nations Environment Assembly, where he lamented the “triple environmental emergency” of climate change, a decrease in biodiversity and an epidemic of contamination.

“It is a critical year to restore our relationship with nature,” said Guterres, who has appealed once again to “increase ambition and action.” “The urgency to act has never been clearer,” he added.

According to data provided by the UN, 34 million people in the world suffered acute food insecurity in 2019 due to climate change, while the dangers related to this situation caused about 35 million displacement in 40 countries.

This is precisely the theme that the United Nations Security Council will address in a meeting on the effect of climate change on international security and world peace.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who holds the Council presidency this month, will chair the virtual meeting in which Guterres is also expected to participate.

The meeting will also be attended by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, the Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi, and the special envoy for the climate of the US Administration, John Kerry.

Thus, the meeting will focus on the risks arising from climate change in relation to world peace, since, among other issues, it could cause massive migrations and lead to armed conflicts, according to the Bloomberg agency.

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In this sense, Johnson will warn at the meeting that climate change represents a “serious threat to global peace and security” and will stress that “unlike many issues addressed by the Council, this is one that we know exactly how to address” , according to one of the extracts that the British president has prepared for the meeting.

The UK Prime Minister will advocate “helping vulnerable countries adapt to climate change and reduce global emissions to zero”, in a way that protects diversity and their “prosperity and security”.

The meeting will also serve to address the risk that some of the developed countries do not meet the 100,000 million dollars (about 82,000 million euros) annually in financing for the fight against climate change in low-income countries.

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