Every year, retail giants bring innovative, yet heart-melting Christmas advertising to hearts, including imaginary characters such as Kevin the carrot and Mischievous imp. Let's take a look at the ads' ads so far:


A series of 20-second ads revolve around the concept of knowing that you've bought the "perfect gift" for your loved one. The ads end with the slogan, "Make a little of yourself, that you have done good," implying that giving gifts can be just as rewarding as receiving.

Richard Cristofoli, Managing Director of Debenhams Beauty and Marketing, told the media: "The buyers told us that the real joy of shopping is finding the gift that the recipient will really love. We wanted to celebrate this moment. "


Kevin, the carrot, is back. The sweet vegetable made its first appearance in the German supermarket chain in 2016 and has remained a special feature in the campaigns.

In this year's 40-second clip, we see Kevin, the carrot, getting into trouble as he dares to deliver carrots. His truck hangs on a cliff when an avalanche hits her. The ad ends with Kevin saying "Help," and the words #SaveKevin appear on the screen.


The 90-second ad titled "The Christmas Fool" is a game with all those tiny annoyances that can cause unnecessary chaos in the days before the big day.

"At Christmas, something goes wrong in the run-up to the big day – it's inevitable. Our cheeky Christmas jester embodies Yan Elliott, joint executive creative director at The & Partnership London, who created the ad, told the media.


In a unique twist on its advertising tradition, this year M & S shot an unwritten Christmas ad with colleagues and clients across the UK. The 60-second ad, one of them this year, uses delicious food imagery to perfectly convey the spirit of Christmas.

Sharry Cramond, Food Marketing Director at M & S, commented: "Our customers love our food, especially at Christmas! As our customers and colleagues love our food so much, we thought we would tell the story in their own words. We talked to customers and colleagues from all over the country about their favorites from our festive range, and then we made the ads easy. "


Asda's 60-second ad begins "Bring Christmas Home" and begins with a snowman firing a flaming Christmas pudding. A little girl is then greeted by some Yetis and Santas outside her house, in a symbol of love and togetherness over the festive season.

Andy Murray, Asda's Chief Customer Officer, commented: "We really wanted to create a universal Christmas feeling that people can relate to. The only thing that we all went back to was the excitement that comes with how we prepare to bring your loved ones together, how crazy and chaotic it can feel. ,


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