[Website of the Ministry of State Secretary]Chinese Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi (Retno LP Marsudi) will meet with our visiting British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab (Dominic Raab) at the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in Jakarta on Wednesday (April 7). ). During the meeting, the two sides reached a number of cooperation agreements, and signed a memorandum of understanding to agree to strengthen cooperation to overcome the new crown pneumonia (COVID-19) pandemic and reach a consensus on how to combat international terrorism. British Foreign Minister Dominic emphasized that Indonesia and the United Kingdom have common interests in various fields such as climate change, economic recovery, national defense and security.

Foreign Minister Leitno said that Indonesia and the United Kingdom are strategic partners. The cooperation between the two parties is not only beneficial to both countries, but also conducive to joint handling of world affairs. Regarding bilateral cooperation, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno conveyed three priorities. First, strengthen the cooperative relationship in public health. The United Kingdom is also one of the main producers of the new crown pneumonia vaccine, so the two sides have huge room for cooperation in this field, including cooperation through research and development and the production of the new crown vaccine.

Leitno emphasized, “Establishing public health cooperation is very important for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. International solidarity and close cooperation to deal with the epidemic is the key to defeating and getting rid of the new crown pneumonia pandemic.”

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Despite the new crown pneumonia pandemic, British investment in Indonesia will still increase by 35% by 2020. Foreign Minister Leitno introduced information about Indonesia’s sovereign wealth fund (SWF) and discussed the possibility of reaching a bilateral investment agreement (PIB) between the two countries.
In 2020, the bilateral trade volume reached 2.24 billion US dollars. The foreign ministers of the two countries discussed how to continue to increase the trade volume between the two countries.

The two sides agreed to advance 10 priority sectors including timber and agricultural products. Under this circumstance, it is expected that the plan to sign a memorandum of understanding at the Joint Economic and Trade Commission on April 19, 2021 will accelerate the realization of these priority sectors.

In addition to discussing bilateral cooperation, the foreign ministers of the two countries also discussed international issues, including Myanmar after the military took over power, the situation in the Middle East, the United Kingdom is preparing to host the 19th UN Climate Change Conference (COP-19) and Indonesia as the G20. Chairman and other issues. Regarding the situation in Myanmar, both parties agreed that violence should be stopped immediately to prevent more victims and the importance of establishing an atmosphere conducive to dialogue. (V)