Cloud temperature, sign of a perfect storm

The Perfect storm exists, and was registered in 2018. Thanks to the measurement of the temperature in their clouds, scientists investigate how it was formed.

This is how perfect storm clouds are formed

When the warm air that is on the surface of the Earth, rises quickly, thanks to a center of low pressure, the humid air condenses quickly, generating the powerful clouds of storms that can grow vertically up to 18 kilometers.

Electrical storms and tropical cyclones have this type of clouds, which cool down as they grow. The lowest temperatures recorded at its maximum height average -90 degrees Celsius.

When the clouds grow rapidly within the troposphere, a Perfect storm. But this occasion was particular, since the clouds grew too large, they even crossed the troposphere, to a spectacular height.

Record temperature for the most powerful perfect storm


We could have more and more perfect storms, based on the patterns of recent years.

On December 29, 2018, the US satellite NOAA-20 flew over a strong storm in the southwestern Pacific, and was able to record the temperature lowest known in a thunderstorm cloud: -111 degrees Celsius.

Science is still unable to understand why it achieved that incredible temperature, traversing the troposphere. Its study is led by Dr. Simon Proud, a researcher at the NCEO (National Centre for Earth Observation) from United Kingdom.

The top of the clouds it reached an altitude of more than 20.5 kilometers above sea level, 5 kilometers higher than the area of ​​the atmosphere where all climatic phenomena are formed. Dr. Proud wonders if this fact can correspond to a generalized pattern, since a Perfect storm of this type is an increasingly common phenomenon.

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We found that these really cold temperatures seem to be becoming more common, with the same number of extremely cold temperatures in the last 3 years as in the previous 13 years.. ” Proud explained in a statement.

This is important as cooler cloud storms tend to be more extreme and more dangerous to people on the ground due to hail, lightning and wind.. ” The doctor concluded, who will continue to investigate this phenomenon of Perfect storm, with clouds powerful, never before recorded.

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